Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Pains of Disobedience

"The pain is no more than I can bear, Mama."

What are we going to do with our Storyteller? This dear boy is surely 'born for trouble as the sparks fly upward' (Job5:7)! He is suffering from the pains of disobedience - thankfully, this time, it wasn't his disobedience! We are so very thankful - this could have been much much worse!

Yesterday, as soon as his school work was done, Poppa (who brought Grammy for a visit and is on his way home as I type) took Storyteller sledding on the hill at the levy. There was a younger boy there sledding too and our Storyteller and he we having fun sharing rides and speeding down the slope. The younger boy decided it would be fun to stand in the path of our Storyteller as he sped down the hill and despite repeated warnings from his Mommy and our Poppa too - a collision ensued. Accidents happen when little guys aren't listening - something our Storyteller knows well - but this time, he is really facing the consequences.

He has a broken molar and another chipped molar also. His mouth is very sore, as well as his cheek and eye. He did his school work this morning and then we visited the dentist for some emergency work. He may still loose the tooth due to trauma, but that's a wait and see. Actually, a wait and pray! Poppa feels so badly, but it really wasn't his fault - accidents happen.

This afternoon he has enjoyed a really soothing hot bubble bath and a homemade milk shake. I made him scrambled eggs and banana muffins for lunch - nice and soft. Grammy made him jello and pudding too! He had a vocabulary test scheduled, but we've put it off for a better day. He got lots of sympathy from the wonderfully kind staff at our dentist's office - even though he asked a 'million' questions. We are all praying he'll heal quickly.

I just realized it's been more than a week since I posted anything - I didn't mean to take a break! It seems like there has been a lot of catching up to do since my illness! There have also been a few joyful activities in the last week - it was a busy time.

The beginning of the last week of January began quite normally. Happily, I was gaining strength daily as the antibiotics worked their healing and the strep throat and other infections gradually went away. On Tuesday it started to snow and by Wednesday morning we were officially snowed in - our Historian even got a day off work! My immigration appointment was rescheduled so we enjoyed an 'at home' day and plowed through a bunch of school work and worked in hours of snow play too! Our play date on Thursday was postponed again because our friends were not among the blessed who actually saw the snow plows on their street.

Thankfully, though the roads were still snow packed in places, our Friday Homeschool Co-op bowling date was a go! We had never taken the children bowling - they loved it! I have to tell you something lovely - as we walked in the door 4 sweet girls ran up to our Dreamer and asked her to bowl with them! She was so delighted to have some nice new friends! It's a blessing! And in case you need a laugh, our right handed Storyteller bowled left handed the whole afternoon - high score 21! When the Historian asked him why he used his left hand, he replied ' Well Daddy, I use my right hand for so many things, I thought I'd better give my left hand a chance to do something!' Oh honey! What a boy!

The REALLY BIG NEWS for our Storyteller last week was a very special birthday party - the birthday party of his good friend Jonah. He looked forward to it all week and it was great! He made one of his gifts for Jonah - 6 salvation pencils. Have you ever made those? We used regular pencils and stripes of colored electrical tape to make them into 'Wordless Book' pencils. Jonah can use them to explain God's plan of salvation. We also gave him a backpack that I sewed using a Lazy Girl pattern from Star Wars sheets - I forgot to take a picture of it, but it turned out really well. We added some sweets to the bag to round out the gifts.

On Saturday we went as a family to the immigration doctor's office for my exam. I'll tell you all more about it later, but suffice it to say, I really just wanted to get home for a good long hot bath after leaving that office. The dirt and disorganization inspired little confidence, and the fact that the doctor neglected to wear gloves while she drew my blood and re-immunized me was most disconcerting. I am totally appalled that my pertinent records are being kept in such a place, but have little choice in the matter. I have to go back tomorrow because my TB test was more than 90 days old so I had to take it again, so I am really glad my Mum is here and can help navigate the city streets with me, since the Historian will be at work.

On a much brighter (and cleaner) note - Mum and Dad came on Sunday evening - Mum is staying for a bit of a visit! Yeah! As I type she is tackling Mount Ironmore for me - what a help! We are loving having her here, but sad to see her in so much pain. She had to make a choice between feeling groggy and feeling pain, and decided that life lived in a sleepy haze was not much of a life, so she is mostly off her pain meds. Poor Mum - she does not complain though.

She and our Dreamer have already been to the Goodwill, or GW as we like to call it. They found some much needed pants for Dreamer and a nice long skirt too. It was a good trip.

Our Storyteller was quite restless last night and called out in pain quite a lot, so we all need to get a better night of rest tonight! I am happy to say I am feeling much better and after having my immigration physical and yesterday my annual physical with my regular doctor, I guess I must be in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in! I'll try to post again later this week!

I have to say that I'm getting pretty close to my 500th post, as well as to my birthday, and you know what that means! A giveaway! I've got to think on this a bit, but I promise ... it's going to be fun! Don't worry, I won't make you all jump through too many hoops .... !!!

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  1. Wow,
    That looks 'angry' as Grandma Ruth would say! We hope that you heal very fast and that you will soon be able to eat your favourite foods!

  2. Poor, poor Storyteller! That looks so painful, not to mention the teeth we can't see. I'm so sorry! I hope that he heals quickly!

    Glad you have your mum for a visit. That is so nice. I think my mom is coming tonight for dinner, so we are looking forward to that.

    Hadn't heard of salvation pencils -- but what a good idea!

  3. Yes, it is things like that which make you hope your son thinks twice when he gets older.

    My son just happened to mention on the phone yesterday that the Buick cannot "drift" like the old car can.

    He went on to assure me there is only one place he "drifts" and that is on a curve at the parking lot of the college. Uh, huh...

    But then his father was known for terrible risk taking as a teen and young man. Christopher has a much more careful personality, usually.

    Boys can be fun, can't they?

  4. That's too bad for storyteller....it looks painful! Poor kid. Hope it feels better soon!
    Sounds like you have had a busy time lately!

  5. I hope things go well for your Storyteller. Well, he uses his teeth for so many things so maybe this will be a nice break for them? ;)

    Please say "hi" to your Mom for me.

    Under His mercy and grace,

  6. Oh my! I'm sorry to hear about Storyteller's injuries...they look painful! I will pray he heals quickly.

  7. Storytellers mouth is a lot better now!Good thing .
    But now he has a sore lip.



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