Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scratch the Rant!

Do you feel like you're being watched?

Well, you are! As parents, our children are constantly watching us and following our example. We've all heard the terrible old adage 'do as I say, not as I do', but when it comes to our young children, they will inevitably do what we do.

It's a huge responsibility, and not something we should take lightly. We were talking about this around the table in our homeschool mom's room - the place where we hide out when we aren't helping in a class during co-op time. We all feel the burden to be good examples for our children, and pray that God will grant us grace in the many areas where we fall down.

Taking the high road and doing what is right when our children are quietly watching isn't always easy. I forget that little ears are listening and little eyes take in more that I sometimes want them to see. My attitudes and actions are under constant scrutiny - believe me, every angry word or disparaging remark is duly noted. And copied.

Don't you hate it when you see your own bad attitude oozing from the lips of your own sweet 8 year old child? Ouch!

We are trying to be really careful in our attitudes about this accident with our Storyteller. It would be easy to get really angry and rant and rave about 'some parents' who don't teach their children to obey. It would be very satisfying to voice our concerns about the huge expense this is likely to be, and express resentment towards the parents who have not offered to help in any way. It might even be fun to play the blame game. Loudly. We could hold a grudge or harbor bitterness. We might even host a pity party and invite a lot of guests. We could even hash it all out over and over, making it all much worse with every re-telling.

But we want our kids to see Jesus in our home

and in our day to day,

'good times and bad times' kind of life.

Scratch one angry worried rant. Cancel the pity party, put away the blame game and hush the re-hash.

We've been praying for the little guy - thankfully his mommy says he is just fine. We've decided that forgiveness is our only choice and our best course. We're learning together that we all choose disobedience at times and there are always bad consequences - and some times they spill over into others lives. We all make bad choices. We hurt one another without even meaning to - and sometimes we do mean it. We're deciding to trust God to either keep the Storyteller's teeth from 'dying' or provide the money for crowns when they are needed. We're choosing not to worry. Much.

Some of us are better at that than others ...

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about the accident. OUCH! What a good reminder to watch our reactions as they are being spied upon very regularly. Hang in there!

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