Monday, February 9, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I really enjoy participating in Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook when I am able to.
It's a great way to start the week with a positive focus.

For Today
Monday, February 9, 2009

Outside My Window...
A heavy frost is making the world a pretty eerie sort of place.
Our snow is all but gone - just a few dirty piles here and there left to melt!
It was warm and sunny yesterday and we enjoyed a good long family walk at the park.

I am thinking...
How blessed and grateful we are to have Mum here for a visit!

From the learning rooms...
We need to buckle down and get going again on our regular work!
This week we need to bring out the math flash cards and games since both children
seem to be forgetting their math facts ... again!

I am thankful for...
Safety in traveling for Dad, healing for Storyteller - with no infection, a very warm welcome from the church we visited yesterday, and just the freshness of a brand new week.

I am praying for ...
Friends who are hurting, need healing and for the indescribable peace of God,
even in a very uncertain world.

From the kitchen...
There are some lovely big Dad's cookies in the cookie jar,
but I have yet to make out my menu plan for the week.
I was going over the food fliers and coupons last night,
but got too tired to try to make a solid plan!

I am wearing...
Soft cherry, pink and green striped p.j.'s from my Mum.
I'm just waiting to jump into the shower when it is free.

I am creating...
I must finish the Zone cleaning charts that I began last month - we are not getting into
the routine like I hoped we would, but I am not giving up!
My sewing machine is in for repairs and I feel like I'm missing my right arm!
Maybe I'll have time for some glue gun projects!

I am going...
To the dentist this morning, and later I must get some groceries - hopefully during ballet.
We need to get back to our weekly routine as well! It was working!

I am reading...
My Bible and Esther - a Beth Moore Bible Study.

I am hoping...
To accomplish much this week, but also to have time to enjoy the special days that it holds.

I am hearing...
Breakfast sounds, gentle conversation,
and Star Wars music being hummed by the Storyteller.

Around the house...
Laundry, vacuuming and a quick swish for the bathrooms.
I am desperate to clean and organize our Master Bedroom,
and the kid's rooms need attention too!
Mum vanquished Mount Ironmore this week - what a blessing!

One of my favorite things...
Chocolate covered strawberries!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Continuing to pray for the Lord's guidance with our search for a new church.
  1. School work - Ballet, Awana, Bible Study, Co-op, Valentine's Tea
  2. My birthday on Wednesday - Boston Cream pie?
  3. Making special Valentines with the children for Co-op
  4. Sugar cookies with pink icing for Valentines

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing:

Grammy hugs!
Thank you for reading my daybook!

Be sure to visit Peggy to read more Daybooks!
There are many many others participating in The Simple Woman's Daybook
and it is so much fun to read their thoughts!

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  1. I enjoyed your daybook. I know what you mean about getting back to regular school work...we have kind of strayed too...this week we are back to the grind! good luck with the math facts!

  2. The picture with grandma is great. I know what you mean about the kids forgetting math facts. My son is like that too. I just found this game on the internet called Timez attack and it's really helping plus it looks like a video game so he doesn't groan when he has to practice.

  3. I enjoyed your daybook. I love the picture with grandma. My children are always forgetting their Math facts. I'm going to look for the game that Jill mentioned, I know they will play that. Have a great day.

  4. Enjoyed seeing a picture of your mom!!! i'm sure it is so nice to have her around!

  5. I enjoyed your daybook post..and I hope you have a wonderful birthday on Wednesday!! So nice to have your mom there to celebrate with you - enjoy!!

  6. Happy birthda, it's so nice to see so many people commenting on the above post!


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