Thursday, February 23, 2012

Silk purse out of a sow's ear ... I hope I hope I hope

What do you do when you come home from attending an auction with a box of garbage?  
Well, first you'd mourn the loss of your hard earned cash. 
 You might be justified in shedding a tear or two when you realize you've blown
 a whole week's grocery budget.
On garbage.

Then you try very hard to explain to your hubby how you thought that the beautiful yarn on the top of the box represented the rest of the lot because you would never dream of a fellow weaver tucking complete garbage underneath the 4 perfectly lovely and usable spools on top. 
Not in a million years.

Then you'd admire the beauty of the completely rotten spools of
silk, linen, wool and cotton - in all their organic loveliness. 
You know you have junk, completely unusable for it's intended purpose but 
still somehow so pretty

You might just throw that junk out
or ...
 re-box it carefully and put under your sewing table.
You might even move those two boxes of decaying natural fiber just
because you can't quite part with it.  
Twice. Over international boarders. Twice. 
Then you might just tuck those boxes into the front hall closet and
forget them there for say ... seven years?
 Give or take. 
Well, that's what you would do if you were me!

Flash forward to The Colossal Spring House Cleaning of 2012
Slowly but surely I am thinning every room, closet and cupboard.
Oh, and getting rid of some garbage. 
Because we are NOT moving. 
And I have a case of the Seven Year Itch.

Funny thing is that even after all these years, I just could not throw out my rotten
spools of weaver's linen, cotton, silk {sigh} and wool. 

So ...
This is what I did.

With scraps from a thrifted linen shirt - even the button placket, some felted wool scraps, 
and bits and pieces of vintage laces and trim tucked here and there.

And my trusty hot glue gun, of course.

I ripped, twisted, tied, glued and giggled as our sweet Dreamer declared each creation ...
Tomorrow I am headed to a wonderful downtown shop called Expressions of the Home 
to see what the owner thinks of my silk purse out of a sows ear idea.

Let's hope she thinks they are adorable too!

If for some reason she doesn't, look for these at Goodwill 
because I am NOT bringing them home.
I told you I was serious about Spring House Cleaning!

UPDATE: The owner of Expressions of the Home liked my creations so they at in her lovely shop!
She bought all 19 of the Weaver's Spools!

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  1. I like the way you think, Heather. Those items are adorable and I would think the owner of the downtown shoppe will think so, too! Let us know how this turns out. You now have a clean closet and you are a winner either way!

  2. Thanks Hatti - I asked my friend Mrs. M, who has been in the downtown shop frequently, if she thought these would 'work' in that wonderful eclectic setting and she's sure the owner will love them! I hope so! It does feel sooooooooooo good to be cleaning and purging - and it only took a couple of hours to pull these together - which was a nice creative break in my day!

  3. I saw these on your pinterest and loved them. I had no idea that you made them!!!!! They are gorgeous. I really hope you find a good place to sell them. Can't you try Etsy too if you don't get them into a shop? If you could just get the word to the right people they would be bought in a snap!

  4. Heather - thanks for your compliment! I hope they are snapped up! I am terrible at business. Really. Terrible. I didn't do well with my Etsy shop - though I considered trying that again. I just love to create and leave the pricing and marketing to those who have a clue what they are doing. I have no clue! Thankfully the shop owner bought my weaver's spools today ... now I hope hope hope that she doesn't regret it! She's got a big open house coming up, so just maybe they will sell quickly!

  5. Heather, your creations are wqonderful. I think they would look awesome in any home.
    Love you.


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