Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cleaning Wisdom

I've come to the conclusion that not one person in this house was born organized.
It's a sad, sad fact. That doesn't mean I'm giving up on ever having our home neat and tidy for more that 10 consecutive minutes. It just means we all need to work harder at it. 
It doesn't come naturally, but that doesn't mean we can't try. 
I'm re-reading  Sandra Felton's books, 
I found it when I was cleaning - it was in the with homeschool books!
It helps that I am still doing a major house purge.
As I clean, sort, organize and take stuff out of the house, I keep thinking
'this will be easier to take care of'!

I've decided that we need some visual reminders of the 
cleaning wisdom that we are trying to adopt. 
I was so impressed with the look of Cheri's cheap and effective Subway Art Tutorial that I actually bookmarked it! Then I promptly forgot about it ... until I saw Sasha's version on Lemonade Makin' Mama 
which I really loved too! I decided to give it a try. 

So, here's what I've got so far.  I know I'm missing some cleaning wisdom that might help us, but there's only so much room on a 3"x5" photo and I got tired of trying to make it look readable! 
It's tougher than it looks, and mine isn't quite perfect, but I'm happy with it.

This week we are working on that last one - Do it right the first time or do it again!
How long does it take to teach a child that clean clothes belong in their drawers, not on a bed, a desk, a dresser, 
a chair or {heaven forbid} the floor?
I'm hoping that they will learn that doing it right the first time will save them time later
for the things that like to do. Like playing.
So, when they are 'busted' I am having them do it all over again, and do it right!
We've set the timer - it takes 3.5 seconds more to put clothes in the drawer. 
It takes much more time to carry things all the way back to laundry and start again.

 Staples is going to print this off for me as an architectural blueprint for $2.99 and I hope it turns out!
I'll take a picture of the finished 'art' when I get it done and hung!

 Do you have any cleaning wisdom to share with me?
How do you keep organized?
Were you born putting things in their place like my Mum and big sister, 
or do you have to work at it?

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  1. Just popping in to grab your cleaner recipes again -- must refill my bottles!

  2. Oh no, you mean they don't grow out of this stage? Buggers. I am naturally anal retentive (huge compliment when I'm called this! LOL!) and to keep Dancing Bug and Tumbling Lou in line I use positive AND negative reinforcements. For The Man, I guess his motivation is simply a calm and happy wife! I love what you came up with and I'm sure it will be beautifully finished. I have seen similar sayings on wooden plaques, country art sort of!

    Have a blessed day!

    In Him~


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