Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scrubbing thoughts ...

Photo BHG
{I'm in the process of gathering inspiration photos for our upcoming hall bathroom project}
It's been a while since I did much more then Minimum Maintenance in our bathrooms - which is something I hate to admit, but it's true. Just before Christmas I did a deep thorough cleaning, but since I came home from my parent's with an intense sinus infection and we dropped right back into our school schedule and started basketball and had a couple of not feeling so well days for the kids thrown in for good measure all at the same time ... well, I've had my reasons for just getting by with the minimum. Or excuses! Definitely excuses. 

Yesterday there were no more excuses -
I needed to deep clean. Really deep clean. 

O.K. So in reality our bathroom did not look like this truck stop bathroom. 
Thank goodness!
But it was the kind of toothpaste glob, spattered mirror, dust and hair everywhere 
kind of dirty that just really disgusts me.

We have 4 bathrooms. Don't ask me why.
They were here when we came and have come in handy when the flu hit a time or two.

Dreamer takes care of cleaning her own with spot checks from me.
The other three are on my cleaning list.
We all take turns sharing the shower in the master bathroom for several reasons.

As I cleaned, I realized we'd been using a bathroom that 
I never would have let the children use if we were out in public.

If we were at a hotel or restaurant and the washroom was as littered with hair, dust, toothpaste, soap scum and spotty mirrors that our bathroom was, I would never have let the kids use it. 
In fact, I'd be talking to a manager or someone in charge of getting that bathroom up to standard!
Because the 'filth' was someone else's.

It struck me as I happily scrubbed and sanitized that we were pretty comfortable in our own 'filth'
but are often super critical when it comes to the 'filth' of the world around us.

It's something I think our children 
are just beginning to understand.
The fact that in God's eyes filth is filth - sin is sin.
He doesn't have a sliding scale.
Sins don't come in BIG and little.
We can't be critical of other's faults when we ourselves are so very faulty.
We can call what God calls sin, sin - and agree with Him in His righteous anger towards it.
But we can't be self-righteous - because we are unrighteous apart from Christ.
To point fingers is pointless.
And getting comfortable with our own sin is sin.
The more we dig into God's Word and get a tentative grasp on His holiness,
the more clearly we see ourselves for the wretches we are.
And the more we stand in awe of His amazing grace. 

In the weeks and months to come, I know I have some scrubbing to do in my own life.
It's going to take much more then Minimum Maintenance. 
Attitudes and thinking paths that I know are sin.
Unforgiveness that I carry like a shield against the hurts I know will come {again}.
Worry that grips me tight and shines an uncomfortable light on my own fluctuating faith.
Taking a stand for truth, daily reflecting the Word of God, and seeking to live the set apart life.
Knowing that apart from Christ's righteousness, we are nothing.
Seeking to teach the children to be as turned off by the sin in their own lives as they are by what they see in the world around them, and knowing that Christ died for the WHOLE world.

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