Saturday, February 11, 2012


Bailey says a sleepy hello! She loves Saturday when we have more time to play!
Happy Saturday friends! It's almost unbelievable to me that we awakened this morning to a skiver of snow! Yes, snow! We've had promises and warnings but very little actual snow this winter, so I'm considering it a bright and sparkling birthday present to me from God - He knows how much I love it! Just enough to be pretty but not enough to keep us from our appointed rounds. Today that includes a piano recital for Dreamer and a basketball game for Storyteller. Somewhere in between, birthday cake and gifts - some cooking and tidying for tomorrow. Maybe a nap and a bubble bath too - wouldn't that be nice?

For the first time in a long time we aren't getting together with Mum and Dad for my birthday - and that's because my semi-retired Dad decided to use some of those AirMiles he's collected and travel to Arizona for the month of February. Mum's never been in that area before, so I think they are having a good time seeing the sights and exploring. I know that they are loving all of the fresh fruits and veggies!

I'm having a hard time grasping that I am already 45 years old and still have so much learning and growing to do. It's a bit discouraging, but a blessing as well. I would have lost patience with me long ago, but God is still at work molding and changing me. It's so painful at times.  The more I look into God's Word and study His plan for the believer's life, the more I see how far I fall short - not of the secular worlds skewed idea of Christian perfectionism, but of God's amazing plan for our daily growth and sanctification. 

I know I've shared before how often I struggle with the sin of worry, and I am amazed at how often lately I've been reminded through my quiet time to take those thoughts captive as I struggle with forgetting God's provision and His faithfulness. I seem to be doing better with worry now that I am more aware of  how deeply my struggle is affecting our children.  Dreamer isn't a worrier, but Storyteller tends to be. Both of them are aware of my struggle and tease me quite a bit about it, but I know I need to be a better example. I have such a gloriously long list of times in our lives when God has amazed us with His perfectly timed provision - I just need to constantly bring that to mind with thanksgiving to combat my worry.

I have another precious addition to my list of God's goodness in my life - He provided such sweet and timely encouragement for my very bruised and sorrowing heart yesterday through a dear friend who needed some help with a sewing project. I showed up at her home battered and exhausted by the knowledge that a friend I care deeply about actually holds me in great disdain. In following God's leading, I forgot to leave the results with Him - I always expect a good outcome, but sometimes I forget that He deals with us all as individuals. It was such a joy last night to work to solve a tricky sewing dilemma for Mrs. M while we laughed and visited and munched on the Boston Cream Cupcakes that I made. It's a joy to be taken at face value, to be encouraged in the Lord, to be embraced in all my struggles, and loved despite them.

Speaking of love, my sweet family has a small pile of gifts waiting for after supper and I've been blessed with bright blossoms, caring cards and thoughtful words, which of course mean more than any thing. I've been hugged, kissed and showered with good wishes.  Who could ask for anything more?  Well, maybe a foot rub would be nice! I am very blessed!

Thanks for dropping in and making my day extra joyful!

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  1. I really does seem once we turn 30 all of a sudden we are 40 (and then 50 in my case!).

    I think the most hurtful things I've been through is when people who were once friends have turned against me, especially when their turning is filled with gossip and accusations. It hurt a great deal when other friends started believing them.

    Christopher is going through that with a friend at the University right now. The other guy is not a Christian but we are praying for reconciliation.

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!!


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