Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm a Puffs® Girl!

I've always been a tissue snob - it has to be some pretty desperate times to make me put 
anything less than the best next to my ridiculously sensitive skin! 
These past 8 days I've been less picky.  
Quite desperate in fact.  
We were at Dad and Mum's when I suddenly came down with Dreamer's sinus issues. 
I got to sample some good Canadian tissue.
Mum doesn't buy junk tissues - she had the good stuff ready and waiting for the winter germ invasion.
In Canada that means Royale® and Scotties®.
I went through a box of each.
In a single day.
Both are soft. Both are strong. 
They did the job, for which I am very thankful.
Then Mum pulled out the Kleenex®.
I went through the whole box.
In a single night.
I can't judge the Kleenex® too harshly because it might have been 'user error' after all.
I was trying to sleep.
I was terribly annoyed.
They wouldn't come out of the box properly.
I needed two to do the job.
There was lint everywhere.
My nose was raw by morning.
 I went back to my trusty friends, Royale® and Scotties® and they served me well all the way home.
Sadly, I left some germs behind for my sweet Mum to suffer through.
So sorry about that.
I wonder if she has enough tissues?
Poor Mum!
I came home to my old favorites Puffs® Basic and a handful of Puffs Plus® Lotion.
Soft. Strong. Easy to get out of the box even when I'm half asleep.
I've gone through two boxes of Puffs® since returning home and have come to the conclusion that I'll need a prescription to battle this germfest because I'm not making any headway on my own. 
If only my Doctors office had been open today or the Walk-In clinic didn't have a long line and not a single empty chair 20 minutes before the doors opened. 
I will get something good for sinus infections tomorrow.
Something that doesn't come with a strong warning -
'not for women who are pregnant or nursing {not me}
or for those with liver disease {me}'
And I'll be getting more Puffs® too.
Because for some crazy reason, we are almost out.
And if they want to send me some coupons for saying nice things about their tissues, 
I wouldn't mind in the least. 
After all, I'm a Puffs® Girl! 

Let's hope that this doesn't start a precedence
for the depth of my posts for 2012!
But seriously, with all this blowing and discomfort, 
I'm just happy to be able to put my thoughts in some semblance of order.
I must be on the mend.

Happy 2012 Friends! 
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{this is a GERM-FREE post}
{I washed my hands}


  1. Okay, first I had to laugh about the Kleenex. I totally agree.

    But now, I am so sorry that you are sick. I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Thanks Pat - so does that mean I'm not the only one who woke up looking like a white bearded grouch after a night of wrestling with the Kleenex box? That was some serious lint!

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry!!! That is no fun at all. Glad you are safely home and I hope you get better soon!

  4. I hope you're feeling better!

    Hubby had something similar last week and he had me purchase "good tissues". I came home with the new Puffs with Vicks and he loved it.

    When he ran out of them, he wouldn't use the other box of tissues (a Wal Mart brand) but had me go back into town to purchase a big box of Puffs with Vicks!

  5. Heather, sure hope you get better soon Honey. It really was such fun having you guys home. But so sad to see you leave here sick.
    And we sure do miss our Bach recitals, even on the out-of-tune Yamaha. Love Ya


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