Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Doodle

The children have been asking me for days to scratch out draw our 'winter' doodle,
but with one thing and another, I just hadn't taken the time.
Sickness has lingered for far too long in our home - but I think we are once again on the mend!

Thank you, Lord!

Today, as the wind blew hard and the rain fell in sheets, it just didn't seem like winter.
I drank far too many cups of hot tea to warm myself and thought about the winters of my childhood.
I remembered why my silly doodles 
are so important to our children.
They represent what might be - they gather our hopes and dreams for 
this present season on a single sheet of paper.
Poorly drawn, but bringing a smile just the same - it was time.
As they worked diligently on their schoolwork, I got out my colored pencils and continued our 'new' tradition.
They love to contribute to the ideas that I attempt to draw on plain copy paper.
I recently found some old water color pencils in my paint supplies tote and they added 
a much needed brightness to our Winter Doodle 2011-2012.

{Storyteller loves the more saturated colors}
{Dreamer thinks her Mama is an artist}

As always, I ran out of room on my page before they ran out of plans for making this winter the best ever!

I love their genuine enjoyment of the simple, quiet joys 
that make up the steady rhythm of our winter days!

If you care to take a peek, my Summer 2011 Doodle is HERE.

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  1. God bless you! I'm so glad to find your blog and I like it. I should follow it too :)


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