Friday, February 4, 2011

Company Girl Coffee 02/04

Welcome Company Girls! I'm so glad you could slide in to our humble home for a little visit! Sorry about the ice, but we are working on it! Since it is 4" thick over most of the driveway, it might take some time and sunshine before it is gone! 
We're chopping and salting - little by little it's breaking up!

I think it's 'safe' to have you visit, though you might hear a cough or two from our children. 
They've been p.j. clad couch potatoes for about 5 days!

There is something to be said for living in pajamas for 5 days 
- the ironing pile didn't grow much at all this week! 

I think we've achieved  a family record - both children were quite sick with fevers, sore throats, coughs, poor appetite and lethargy.  Poor lambs. I am terrible when they are sick - I turn into 'hover mum', taking temperatures, plying them with cut up fruit, Popsicles, Jello and homemade Chicken Noodle soup - and I become the 'hydration Nazi' - forcing them to suck on ice chips, drink diluted fruit juice, water and sip nice hot cups of tea. I pray for them often and they almost always catch me when I think they are asleep praying for them in their beds - they think I'm a worry wort!  Imagine that?

Thankfully they are  both on the mend and both got dressed today for the first time all week. They missed all of the fun of 'the ice storm/blizzard of the decade', 
but really it wasn't much fun!  

We have so much to be thankful for - both children are on the mend and for once my fragile immune system fought off the virus successfully.  Wonders never cease! I know many were praying for our little family, and for me especially.   I am so thankful that we didn't lose power other then a few brief flickers - considering we had two very sick children to keep warm, fed and entertained, I am very very thankful that our home was spared the outages.
I am also so thankful that they are getting well without a doctor's visit - we were under a level three snow emergency and that means nothing was open and the only folks on the roads were emergency works and road crews.   There must be something in my chicken noodle soup! 

Peppermint, on the other hand,  showed no concern whatsoever for the children's well being - he is so disgruntled with the ice storm that he has lost his purr!  He refuses to go outside and has  become a permanent fixture in the sun room.  He's even figured out how best to annoy Bailey so that she scoots 'his' throne ottoman over into the best possible patch of sunshine! He's a very grumpy old kitty these days and not the least bit sociable!

We've been seeing  a lot of wildlife and Dreamer is always excited to take pictures of our visitors!  The deer have been around a lot and our bird feeders are rarely without guests, though I am not too happy to be feeding the TREE RATS! 

They wreak havoc with the garden and steal the bird seed, as well as making the kid's treehouse their outhouse every winter! Grrrrr.  I used to like squirrels, but then we moved to Ohio where they are overly abundant!  
The local farmers call then tree rats and I think that's about right!

Speaking of critters ...

With the children so sick we didn't do a scrap of schoolwork this week, which means I had a bit of free time too - between hovering and taking temperatures, that is. 
As homeschoolers we usually keep going through the snow and ice days that the public schools are forced to take off for safety reasons, but this week was a total wash. 

I did get to do some sewing though!
First, I plowed through the dust on my sewing table.
I dream of the day when I will have a proper sewing room, but for now it's just a table in our bedroom and it becomes a dumping place for everything that needs attention!
 Then I tackled the pile of mending and hemming and re-opened the Animal Hospital for all of the stuffies who needed TLC.  There are two fellows still in the recovery room, but all  surgeries were successful and the stuffies have been  returned to their homes!

Then I had  some fun!

Dreamer  saw a quilted calico critter  at the bookstore a while back and we decided to use the scraps from her quilt to make a Bear for her room!  It was a fun project to do together!
We barely had enough fabric to make this chubby fellow - and we used every scrap of poly stuffing on hand in the craft closet, but it turned out so cute!

Can you see how huge he is?
Apparently he gets along quite well with the other stuffies that occupy Dreamer's bed!
I guess we made him with a friendly heart!
His name is ... yet to be determined!  Dreamer's brain isn't working too well yet!  
Coughing kills brain cells you know!

 I've started  sewing a few things for my Gift Drawer this week too.  I felt so badly that when I had that bulk cooking day with a new young bride from church a few weeks ago I had nothing to give her - I didn't know it was her birthday until we sat down for lunch!  I looked in my Gift Drawer and there was nothing suitable to give her, so I am working on Soother Sac's and zippered pouches along with more felted rose pins and other little things to re-stock a bit!  Next time I'll be ready!

 I have finally found an end to that big bag of zippers my Mum thrifted for me two summers ago - and I'm sad because zippers are expensive!  Maybe I'll find another mixed bag of sewing notions with some good usable zippers!  I hope so!

So, I guess I'd better wrap this up!  It's so good to have visitors drop by from time to time!  
I so enjoy your thoughtful comments and encouragement!

Please come back next Friday - it's a special day for me and I'll have a little giveaway to celebrate! I haven't done a giveaway in forever simply because there are so many big lovely things being given away on all sorts of lovely blogs - my simple gifts pale by comparison! 
I'll show you a picture of a little something I made next week, and if you want to throw your name in the draw - the more the merrier!  I won't even make you jump through a single 'hoop' - no friending, following, tweeting or liking required! 
I'm just a simple, straight forward sort of person!

Bye for now!

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  1. Glad to hear they're on the road to recovery. We have a few stuffy noses over here this week too.

    Love all your homemade crafts!! They are awesome. I wish I could do that. Amazing.

    Hope you get some sunshine soon.

  2. Stephanie and her kids have been sick. They have had an even worst winter in New England than we have had, and that is saying a lot!

  3. Jenna has been sick all week ~ maybe one day she'll learn to take my remedies WHEN I tell her to. '-) She finally gives in, but she could have been on the mend so much sooner.

    Love your projects! The cosmetics bag w/the cowgirls is adorable!



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