Saturday, February 12, 2011

Curves Ahead

While our Historian is going down my familiar road of illness and pain with his God Blesser troubles, I have just realized that I am traveling a short piece on his oft traveled road 
- that of the watcher.

I am not a good watcher.
I am knee deep in the sin of worry and I can feel the burden of loving someone 
who is really unwell more keenly than ever before.  
I've been given a glimpse into those concerned looks and silent prayers I see when my liver and I are not getting along so well.  When I can't eat.
When I wake up looking like I never slept. 
When I just sleep and sleep and he quietly takes over all my jobs 
and keeps the children cheered. 

I keep bringing my worry to my Heavenly Father
- breathing quick prayers for release from the strain. 
The peace floods over me and I know. 
I know He loves this man of mine more than I could begin to understand.  
I am watching him closely though, and I see the agony etching lines of pain in his dear face. 
 It's not easy to stay peaceful.
If not for the Word flowing through my mind, speaking Truth to my heart, 
peace would vanish.

Friday the Historian came home in agony from work. 
God Blesser Crisis #2. 
We've learned that sticking strictly to the fat free diet doesn't prevent acute attacks.  
After 12 hours of increasing agony, I took him to the ER.  Again. 

Sent home with better pain meds and a management plan, we wait for Monday to call the surgeon's office and set up a  surgery date.  Meanwhile he rests, mostly comfortable.
  Meds every 4 hours.  I have them charted.  Alarms are set.  
I'm doing what little I can and praying. I'm watching the curves in our road and praying. 

Isn't is a blessing that empathy teaches gentle lessons in trying circumstances?

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  1. Our God holds you all in the palm of His hand and knows your needs. Praying for your family.

  2. "Do not look in the books why stars shine: Look at the sky!"

  3. Praying for your family. Hope things are getting better. Let me know how I can pray more specifically if you're comfortable with that.

  4. He accompanies me through the valley - sometimes I know His presence better when I cannot see His face. Rest in his comfort.


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