Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Wildly Windy Saturday

Yesterday a warm and sunny day gave way to a wild and windy night.  Thankfully, the ball game was not canceled or postponed again, and Storyteller had a great time with the Historian.  It was the fourth loss for his team - in four games! He took it very well saying that it really was the best game his team had played so far, so he was just happy to see improvement.  He is such an encourager, and he takes his games so seriously!  We just about smiled our silly heads off on Thursday night when our Storyteller asked for a time out and went out to the pitcher's mound to 'talk' with the pitcher!  We asked him later what he had said, and he told us that he just was telling him what a great job he was doing, and not to give up, the game was not over yet! He encouraged him with 'we can stop the bleeding'!  The game ended 18-1.  Thank heavens for the mercy rule and the school night rule!

Dreamer and I risked tornado warnings to go see some friends from our home school co-op in a Drama Class play of their own making!  It was really well done and very enjoyable.  We got home just as the sky was erupting in lightening.  It wasn't a fun drive home - there was more than one vehicle blown off the road by the 60 mile an hour gusts of wind last night. I still love the nice heavy feeling feeling of our Honda van, but I especially appreciate it in the bad weather.  Thankfully, we avoided the hail damage than many neighboring counties sustained. I was praying for my hosta!  One year we got 1" hail and the hosta looked like tattered lace all season long, and much of it died.

We awakened to more wind and a 40 degree drop in temperature, but thankfully no more rain or hail, so the kids happily got ready for sandlot softball, while I started dreaming about going back to bed for a while! I'm struggling with a super sore throat and major sinus headache, so the peace and quite was going to be quite a luxury and a blessing!

I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast and the kids were running out of time, so things were a bit rushed!  They still had time for silly faces and goofy grins of course!

I guess breakfast was a bit too rushed for our tired out Storyteller.  After jamming feet into cleats and grabbing water bottles and hats, they ran out the door to the van where our Historian was waiting.  They drove out the driveway with cheery goodbyes and one 'my tummy feels funny' and I started to tidy the kitchen before heading back to bed!  Not 5 minutes later the van pulled in and a very green little guy ran in the house and to the bathroom, loosing his breakfast.  Poor fellow!

Dreamer and Daddy headed to Sandlot softball without our Storyteller, and I installed him on the couch with gingerale and warm blankets, and a baseball video! He was right as rain in no time, enjoyed the extra cuddle time, and was quickly out the door dressed warmly for playing.  I never did get my extra sleep in!

I did make a loaf of bread - I have been really enjoying the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day recipe that I got from their website!  The book is on my wish list! Actually, the new book Healthy Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day would be even better!  I love having the dough in the fridge ready to pull out, shape and throw in the oven - and it is soooo good! I also made a batch of Chicken Noodle Soup, and thawed some homemade vegetable soup for Dreamer since she isn't a noodle fan.  It was a nice lunch for such a chilly day, and now they are all back at another ball field for Storyteller's baseball game - well bundled up against the chilly winds.  Today is our day for team snacks, so we made some giant cookies and packed juice boxes for the boys! Storyteller will no doubt have fun handing out his 'Chipper Mix' cookies to his teammates!

Now for my nap, but first ... the kitchen needs to be cleaned up ... again! 

and the wild wind is still blowing ...

I am thankful for Saturdays, even wild windy Saturdays that don't go as planned.  I am especially thankful for our Historian who is cheerfully making it all happen for the children!


  1. We were under the same tornado watch but you all got the worst of the weather. Although our winds have been awful, too.

    Today I was on the way home from campus and decided to take a back road home. As I turned a corner, there were sheriff's cars with their lights going, a HUGE tree had fallen and was completely blocking the road!

    Hubby said it probably had been hit by lightening by one of the earlier storms this week and the high winds finished it off.

  2. Brrrrrr. We are having the same chilly, windy kind of day here. Nice to be quietly inside for a day. Garden all covered for the frost tonight. Fingers crossed we will be back outside tomorrow.

    Happy Mother's Day,

  3. Last week we had winds up to 60 miles an hour, but here on the West Coast we don't see many tornado warnings. I do remember that a small hurricane caused havoc a few miles North of here last year. In general, I'd say the weather is crazy all over the U.S. this Spring.

    You have a great blog here.:) I stopped over from Home Sanctuary this morning.

    Have a blessed week!


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