Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tournamant Triumph & Buyer's Remorse

Tournament Triumph - at last!  Storyteller's junior baseball team won their first game today during the Mid Season Tournament!  My oh my ... and I missed it!  I still have not figured out how to be three places at once! After 6 straight losses in the regular season so far, this was quite a nice way to begin a week of double elimination tournament games.  The boys are learning something and gaining skill and confidence with each game experience. You can bet that our Storyteller was very very excited - he had to call Grammy and report the great news!  Coach said he was so proud of the boys that he couldn't stop smiling!  Storyteller will never forget this day!

Buyer's Remorse - and where was I during all this excitement???  I was at the best used Home School Curriculum ever!  Our Co-op coordinator and her trusty crew put together a huge sale venue for those who had things to sell - it was huge!  Unbelievable quantities of materials!  I had hoped to go the the seller's pre-sale last night, but we were enjoying a lovely evening at the ballpark instead - a make-up game because Wednesday's game was rained out. I hoped to get up early and head to the sale before my 'shift' as a bag lady, but that didn't work out either!  I am all but over my sinus issues, but still a bit tired from the whole thing.  I actually saw the boys off to the game and went back to bed! I rested a bit longer, got up and scrubbed the 3 bathrooms, and than we got ready and headed to the sale just in time for my shift! 

I gave my 'wish list' to Dreamer, but she didn't find anything on it - she found a few other small things that we will use, but she got her eye on a Latin words curriculum and brought it over with the pile.  I was busy bagging and only glanced at the stuff she chose, but I thought the tag said $8 and I was fine with that.  When we got home I realized I paid $18 for something we could have gotten for $14 new - and we can't even use it because it is second in a series that needs the first books as a foundation!  Not a stellar day for frugality!  I should not have been so careless, but at least it wasn't a major mistake!  Maybe we'll find a way  to make it work for us, but I do have a small case of buyer's remorse.  I wish I had taken time to really look through the sale items, but just getting there seemed to be a big energy drain.  
After the sale and clean up, we had a bite to eat at Panera Bread with my sweet friend Mrs. S.  She had worked the whole sale, and was pretty tired, but she took the time to visit a bit and we enjoyed catching up, so that was a blessing!
It is so good to be home and enjoying a quiet evening together.   I am going to finish the dishes and head to bed soon.  I am really looking forward to worship tomorrow, and tomorrow night our Storyteller will receive his Second Book Award at the AWANA awards night!  He worked so hard to earn this, so we are really glad for him. 
 I am still working away at Dreamer's room.  Her crazy slipper chair slipcover is done, and so is her lamp base and shade.  I have her bulletin boards painted and up - though I am really regretting not priming them!!!  They are chipping already - so I don't know if I can sand them a bit and prime and paint them again, but I think I'll have to do something.  She picked apple green and it is really pretty, but I should have primed!  Live and learn!  We have her rods painted and ready to got back up, and the valances are cut out and ready for sewing!  
My to-do list is never ending, but I am just grateful to feel like I can get back to work on it, since I have be stalled this week with illness.  Three more weeks of school and we are ready for summer break!  Yeah!

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