Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday, ballet, & baseball - minus the spray paint!

Happy Birthday!
 Today is my dear Historian's birthday - I won't tell you exactly how historical he is now, but let's just say he's crowding sail on the big 5-0!  He does look rather distinguished with the touch of silver in his light brown hair, and he sure doesn't feel as old as he is - unless he tries to help out and play catcher for 14 innings when a few girls were missing from Sandlot Softball!!!  The next day he felt older than dirt, but for the most part we just can't believe the numbers, even if they are simple mathematics!

I am working on a special birthday supper - roasted chicken with chalet sauce, homemade yeast rolls, tiny jello salads, crash hot potatoes and corn on the cob - with French Silk pie for dessert!  Everything is done but the chicken is still roasting, so I have a minute to sit and be still!  I put two chickens in the oven because they were on sale and I'll have the Historian de-bone the second one for other purposes - maybe a casserole or two for the freezer if I'm feeling ambitious!  Dreamer has the house all decorated with balloons and ribbons, so as soon as the boys get home, it's time to celebrate!

Can you guess where our boys are - three guesses and the first two don't count!  Another baseball practice tonight!  Storyteller played his second tournament game last night and it was a hummer!  I'll tell you, I was sprouting white hairs left and right!  Storyteller has never pitched, he has been given a few pointers, and practiced with his Daddy in the back yard, but he has been catcher and outfielder for the whole season.  He asked Coach if he could pitch, and Coach warmed him up, reminded him of the fundamentals and told him he might pitch, but not this game.  So, I could have swallowed my teeth when my son was lead to the mound to pitch - with the bases loaded and not many runs on the score board!  His face was a mixture of terror and joy - my heart was skipping beats and his balls were all over the map!  Than, they put a batter in the box, and he actually pulled it together - my baby struck out 5 batters. 
His eyes danced and my heart settled down!  What a surprise!

They still lost, but hey - what a memory!

In other sports news, our Dreamer has an upcoming Ballet Performance - and this past Monday night, her instructor finished writing their third dance for the performance!!!!!!  Can you feel the mad panic?  Thankfully, she scheduled extra practice for the girls who didn't get it memorized first run through - that would be our Dreamer!  She has had an extra practice every afternoon this week!

Today we enjoyed such wonderful sunshine - it was dazzling!  I was itching to get out my spray paint and get to work on the long list of project for Dreamer's room make over that haunts me in my dreams I have compiled.  However, along with the beautiful sun came fluffers - millions of white puff balls floating in the air.  We're way past dandelion season, so I suspect a tree is the culprit this time!!!!  My only day for spray painting in over a week!!!!  We have two more days of rain in the forecast.   

I'll just keep on enjoying these beauties until we get some more real sunshine!

and ...

After supper I am going to get my plants in the ground, even if I have to do it by flashlight!



  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    Dear Historian
    Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy
    Birthday! Love you a lot.
    Bailey says Woof ruff slurp pant pant pant
    and Peppermint says Meow purrrrrrrrrrrrrr



  2. The birthday dinner sounds so good! And hooray for the Storyteller and his pitching!!!


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