Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In which baseball takes over our lives ...

... and I solve one of the great mysteries of life! 

Hi there!  Remember me? Sure you do - it hasn't been that long after all ... or has it? Well, all I can say is that we are alive and well and have begun to enjoy spring in a way that we have never experienced before!  Baseball has well and truly taken over our lives - temporarily!  We are grabbing healthy snacks and hasty meals at odd hours, filling water bottles, washing uniforms, scraping mud out of cleats, staying up late to watch the high schooler's home games, keeping track of games, practices and make-ups and generally living a crazy kind of  way for a quiet and routine loving kind of family. 
Someday I will look back on this, our first year of baseball, with fond memories of sitting out in the icy dampness, blazing sun, freezing rain, and downright beautiful afternoons and evenings and think only of the joy on our son's face at the first crack of the bat! 

Today, our Storyteller declared his major with a shrug,

"Mama, I just want to serve Jesus 
and play baseball - that's all!"

Oh honey!

Now, I am sure than many of you have solved this mystery long ago, but in case you have not, and were waiting with bated breath for the answer to this truly profound quandary, I am here to help. I now know the reason behind the death of the polyester leisure suit! Yes, I really do.  It is NOT because they are horribly hot, or because they are a genuine fire hazard, and not even because they will have the fashion police after you faster than any other garment on earth - nope!  The reason is ... they are STAIN MAGNETS! And - those stains never come out!  I always wondered why the dear old gents at the nursing home looked as though you could trace at least their last 5 meals by looking at their leisure suits - I assumed the laundry wasn't doing it's job.  Now that I am dealing with Storyteller's leisure suit-esque uniform, I know the truth!  Those clothes were washed - they just don't come clean!!!! And now you know!
See, I knew your life would be better if I shared these profound thoughts!

I could use a little advice from my  'baseball mom experts' out there - as long as it doesn't involve 'don't worry about it - all the kids look a bit dirty'. My Historian already tried that one.  I didn't buy it.  I want our son to at least start the game clean - after that, he can slide away, get as filthy as he wants - I don't mind!  As long as I know how to get it clean.  So far I have found Shout useless, and Spray N' Wash has not done much better.  Even my trusted Oxi Clean has let me down! I have used good old Sunlight Soap with less than satisfactory results. To be honest, the gel Zout has been my only salvation, and I am running out and can't find more locally. Please share your secrets.  I am a 'wash and hang it up' kind of laundress, and I have not pressed over the stains, so there is still hope, isn't there?  I have BANNED any more eating in uniform - he can change in a phone booth if need be! His uniform is light gray - top and bottom!  Polyester - not a fiber I know anything about since I am very allergic to it.  I have taken to wearing gloves to do his wash since my hands are looking like raisins with deep cracks.  Help!

In other Quiet Rest Family news, progress on Dreamer's room is going slowly, but it's going! I will have pictures soon, but we have some more sewing to do and some spray painting to do, and even a little woodwork!  Her quilt is at the quilters and will be ready in 3 weeks or so! Fancy that!  Last week Dreamer and I made her a new skirt for her Piano Recital on Sunday - her skirt is cute and fits perfectly. She did well with her pieces, though she was very very nervous this time. We made her another skirt yesterday for her Ballet performance - 6 yards of fabric in one skirt!  Talk about gathers! It is fun and swirly, but 'puts on' about 10 pounds visually! It's the most Bohemian thing I've ever sewn.

Time to throw together some dinner and enjoy a simply glorious evening ... NOT at the ball field!


  1. My son has played baseball for 5 or 6 years, and his pants have always been WHITE. Obviously the coaches who pick out the uniforms are not the same folks who are standing over the utility sink trying to get out the stains! I just discovered Era liquid detergent. I use it to pretreat the stains, and I can watch it lift the grass/dirt stains off the pants as I rub. Magic!

  2. Oh Angie - I can't even imagine white! You can't bleach polyester can you? It just turns yellow, I'm told! Ick! Now I feel badly about grousing about light gray! I'll look for Era. We don't usually use detergent with harsh chemicals, but I'm at my whit's end. We have three games in a row scheduled this week and only one uniform!

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  4. Oh, how we miss those days of baseball and softball with our kids! We had three in games one season, so we lived at the ball fields! Sorry, but I can't remember how I ever kept the white pants clean, but I do remember them being white! Blessings. . .

  5. I use a bar of Fels-Naptha for stains and it works. Wet the stains and rub (I use an old toothbrush). You can find it for cheap on the laundry isle for about $1.50 (at least in Arizona where I live.) Each bar should last months.

    Love your blog!

    Happy Mother's Day!


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