Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mum sent sunshine!

Mum knew I was feeling blue - missing the sunshine during the rainiest spring I can recall!
So, she sent me some sunshine!  Look at what came to my door just minutes after I returned from a tiring shopping trip with the children!!!

Isn't it beautiful??? Gerbera's are my favorite daisy and I can put them out in the garden when things dry up a bit!  Double blessing!

Mum sent me 'sunshine' with this verse too! 
Psalm 84:11 (and I love verse 12 too!)

Just making my heart sing - off key to be sure, but at least I'm singing again!

Just a couple of hours after these beauties graced our home - the real sunshine came out!  Not for long, but just long enough to know that God has been hearing my pleas for the last few days and sent just a taste of His goodness to remind me of His faithfulness!

Now, it's off to the ballgame!!!  Yes sir, it is actually dry enough to play ball - and they don't even need canoes to get to first base!

And speaking of blooms, here is your laugh for the day - I was crying last night, but I am TRYING to see the humor today!  Last fall I babied my poor pathetic peony bush with compost, Posie Power ( at $18 a bag) and TLC, praying for a better show of blooms this year!  I was so EXCITED - my bush is twice it's normal size this spring, and had 60 beautiful pregnant buds just waiting for SUNSHINE to burst forth into glorious blooms!  Every day I have watched and prayed over my peony, thanking the Lord for His goodness!  After supper last night I went out to inspect my peony, and to my great horror, my bush was partly flattened and most of the buds were GONE!!!!  It seems our son lost his baseball in the peony and while searching for it he noticed the nice full round buds.  He decided to use them for BATTING PRACTICE!!!!!  My stars and garters - I was devastated!  I know in the grand scheme of life, it is just a plant, but my heart cracked just a tiny bit, I think.  He is so sorry, but my bush is a sad sad sight, with no hope for recovery this year.  I assured him that I love him more than any plant in the world, and he forgave me for getting cross and giving him the silent treatment.

Will I ever understand boys???


  1. Oh, my... that sounds like a think sons will do. I must admit, long after that bush gives you years of blooms, this will be the stuff of family legend.

    Something to tell your grandchildren some day. :)

  2. Oh no!!!!! I don't want to even think how I would have responded. UGH!!!! I'm so sorry -- at least there is hope for next year.

  3. Oh my, I could see that happening. Boys do not understand the longing of a mother to see their peony bush erupt into glorious color of blooms.
    Isn't it wonderful that disappointment is overcome by love. :) You have a very nice blog.

  4. Heather, I just had a nice time catching up on your blog. The basket of gloriosa daisies--what a sweet gift from your mom! Beautiful sunshine! I love the verse you shared, and I know someone I need to share it with today. Your peony story reminded me of small new azalea bushes we planted years ago. The doorbell rang, and there stood my four year old son. He held out one of the new bushes he had clipped off right at the base! "Here are flowers for you." The twinkle in his eye told me he knew he shouldn't have done it. After 3o years now, it is one of my favorite memories!


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