Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1 - Just blessings

 I'm just popping in from the kitchen to share some blessings with you! I'm supposed to be making dinner, but since Dreamer is dropping chocolate cookies and everything is pretty much under control, I have a moment to sit. It feels pretty good, actually!

BLESSING ~ I haven't been doing as much sitting lately ... my blood clot is improving! It feels great to be up and around and getting more things done.

BLESSING ~  We have a yummy 'spring' dinner in the works for tonight - fresh fish from Sam's Club for my Historian to grill, local asparagus, a nice fresh salad, homemade Artisan Bread ready to pop in the oven when the cookies are done, a big bowl of sliced strawberries and a nice light angel food cake is cooling on the counter. I feel so blessed to have such a wide variety of wholesome foods - and a treat or two! The fish was on for $4.99 per pound. The salad greens were free with coupon at Kroger and 3# of strawberries were $3 - it's not an under $5 meal, but it's sure a treat. I've figured out that my Artisan Bread costs about $.60 a loaf, and we love it.  My next big investment will be in a grain mill attachment I think, so that I can grind my wheat freshly - it makes such a difference!

BLESSING ~ A simply fantastic day weather-wise!  The daffodils are blooming, the birds are singing and we reached 80 degrees! Wow!  Happy April 1st!  We had our homeschool co-op today and it was such a blessing.  So many sweet friends asking after my Mum and myself.

BLESSING ~ Mum is doing well.  She is getting stronger and doing her exercises, and it hurts a lot, but she is  making daily improvement.  I have been so happy with the many expressions of love that Mum and Dad have received - lots of calls, cards, flowers, and food - by the sounds of it, they will be eating very well for a good while! It's a blessing to me to know that while I cannot be there to bless my parents with my humble service, others have 'filled the gap' in wonderful, thoughtful ways.  Mum is so very cared for that I actually have not talked with her much all week - she has had to excuse herself because of visitors and other calls!

BLESSING ~ Bailey!  She is a sweet dog.  I had forgotten the horrors joys of dog hair though! My, oh my!  Spring mud, dog hair and dust!  O.K.  It's time to get serious about this spring cleaning thing!  Maybe I should plan on some company soon ...

BLESSING ~ Speaking of company, we are going to be company for Easter Dinner.  Our dear friends from co-op have asked us to join them, and we are so delighted.  I am taking a chocolate pie and strawberry creme mold to assist with the meal!  Even Bailey has been invited, but I've not discussed that with the Historian yet.  We'll see.

BLESSING ~  the children and I got our hair cut yesterday - with wash cut and blow dry - all three for $35.  I love a good coupon! I feel so much lighter with 4" of dry dead hair gone!  It took 5 minutes less to blow it dry this morning too, so that's a big blessing!

BLESSING ~ There are many more blessings today, and every day really!  It's time to get the bread out and round up some children to set the table! After we get the dog hair off of course!

So, what blessings are you counting today?  I'd love to know what's making your heart sing ... or even just hum!

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  1. You are so good to remind us to count our blessings. Each morning before I get up, I remember to thank God for at least one thing. This sets the right frame for the day.


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