Saturday, November 28, 2009


I guess I'd better pay some attention to my much neglected blog! We've been occupied with school, hospitality, a few really bad days health-wise, daily blessings, and of course - Thanksgiving! We were blessed to have Mum and Dad make the long journey to our home for American Thanksgiving! We also invited friends and stretched the table to seat 12! It was quite an enjoyable time. We are still enjoying the leftovers! So many blessings - it's hard to keep count!

Today was one of those days that just call for some travel. Poking our noses in quaint antique shops and finding little treasures - always a joy for our family! We included a fabric shop, lunch at Der Dutchman, and even some ice cream at Young's Jersey Dairy - and for our listening pleasure 'At the Back of the North Wind'.

Delight upon delight!

We also found THE fabric for our Dreamer's bedroom. You might recall that she recently turned 12 - um, are we sure about that??? Can I get those dates checked??? It can't be we have a pre-teen beauty in our midst - can it? Her bedroom has been pink with micro pink gingham, pretty ballerinas and flowers for almost 5 years. Time for a more grown up look! We made promises on her birthday, but she needed to do some narrowing of choices before we could settle into some serious shopping. Today we found it!

"Whimsy" in chocolate, teal, aqua, lime and white. It is so fresh! A collection of coordinates by Pillow and Maxfield for Michael Miller Fabrics! I can't wait to get started! And, in case you think I am a quilter - I'm not! I just am going to pretend to kinda sorta copy a super simple 'teen' quilt she saw and wanted - but we couldn't reconcile the $250 price tag with reality! So ... we have some sewing to do! Dreamer is going to be very helpful - I'm sure! She is a messy - no doubt about it! I am hoping and praying that a lot of effort on this project on her part will translate into a little more concern for keeping it tidy and beautiful! Momma's can dream, right?

Do you see that super funky chunky rick rack??? We both fell head over heals for it - so cute! She's looking to put it along the edge of her valance - yummy! I know we need some more solids in our fabric mix, but this was what we could work on today - only so much time can be spent in a fabric store when the day is calling us to be out and exploring! Plus, the boys were in the van. Waiting patiently, I am sure!

I'm really looking forward to church tomorrow. I've not been in 3 weeks - two weeks because of my own health issues, and one week the Storyteller was struggling with a tummy bug. Dreamer has got a mild cold, but hopefully we will enjoy good sleeps and awaken ready for worship!

I pray that the blessings of your weekend abound, and I'll be back soon when we begin the journey of preparing our hearts and home for Christmas! I've been pondering some thoughts that I'd like to get sorted and share with you, but with one thing and another, I've not put it all together - soon I hope!

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  1. I took quilting classes in the early 1990s after falling in love with an Amish quilt that cost $1,000!

    Although I am certain it is worth that amount with all the work the Amish ladies put into it.


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