Tuesday, November 17, 2009


On an ideal Tuesday, my husband walks in from work to the smell of a delicious home cooked meal around 5:30 pm and we sit down as a family to enjoy it at 6pm. After a tasty supper and uplifting conversation, my husband leads our family devotions. Afterward, I get up from the table and disappear to my sewing room for a few hours of wonderful uninterrupted sewing time!

When I emerge, the kitchen has been cleaned and table wiped, the children are clean and sound asleep in their beds, having had a fun evening with their Daddy - there are always good books involved - and I am usually feeling refreshed and as though I have accomplished a great deal, even if I don't get my sewing project completed, at least I feel that I've made progress.

I call my ideal Tuesday 'The Gift of Time' - and in many ways there is nothing more valuable my sweet husband could give me in this season of homeschooling with chronic illness. It is better than flowers and chocolate! Though, if those thoughtful items came home with him on an ideal Tuesday once in a while, I wouldn't be opposed or anything!!!

To be honest, a simple dedicated evening of crafting or sewing requires planning and preparation on my part. I treat it like an appointment, or I would never see it happen! I first need to check the calendar to make sure nothing has encroached on my Tuesday time, and put in a word with my Historian. He is not a mind reader, even after 18 years of marriage!

I need to decide on a project and make sure I have the supplies on hand that I need. Deciding is a big thing because I often waste way too much time trying to figure out what I want to do!!! I will put the items I need on my shopping list and be sure to get them on Monday Night when the Storyteller and I are out running errands during the Dreamer's Ballet class.

Next, I need to make sure in the morning that supper is well thought out and 'thawed out' if necessary before we plunge into the day's school work - and I need to focus on school and not get ahead of myself trying to get to the sewing room too early!

Supper on Tuesday's is often a meat and veggie meal with fresh baked cookies for dessert since Tuesday is my baking day. Oven meals are the simplest, so for example, tonight I slipped a big meatloaf, foil wrapped potatoes, and two butternut squash into the main oven. I didn't have room to bake the cookies too, so I used the oven in the Grammy flat for the cookies, which kind of defeated the purpose, but did make the Grammy flat smell yummy! I made biscuits too since it has been a while since we had them, and prepared a tray of raw veggies also. One of the children will often take Mr.Neighbor's cookies to him through the cookie path just before supper BUT after I make a call to make sure the over-protective dog is put up!

It's a regular school day - an at home day when at all possible, and we often get a lot of work accomplished! I love Tuesdays because I feel like the kids really make a lot of progress and I feel good about that. We work towards ending school promptly at three and I get at my baking right away.

After I pull the last of the cookies out of the oven - or let Dreamer take over the kitchen if she is done her schoolwork and is of a mind to make us some good cookies - I try to get a bit of rest. Just to put up my feet for 20 minutes helps so very much. Of course, the minute I sit down, I have a certain boy who wants to hug me to death (he doesn't know his own strength) or chat with me - or I'll have a book to read shoved under my nose placed in my hands to read aloud - along with a now very big 9 year old boy!!!

So, to sum up this ramble, here is my formula for an ideal Tuesday:

  • pick your date and clear all possible conflicts
  • check with your better half and make sure you're on the same page
  • plan your project and get your supplies in
  • make a wonderful tempting supper that will energize you for creativity!
  • grab a few minutes of rest in the afternoon - re-energize yourself!
  • don't skip family devotions - it sends the message that 'me time' is more important family worship
  • Don't clean the kitchen - leave them to it (I love to hear Daddy and children chatting away as they work together)
  • Don't allow interruptions - unless there is blood our something is on fire, I am not here!!! Of course, I will stop for my goodnight hugs and kisses!
  • Sew, sew, sew! Or, do whatever it is that makes your heart sing that you 'never' seem to get to do!
Every season of life brings it's unique blessings - but sometimes, in the busy season of child rearing, you just have to make the little personal joys a little less spontaneous and a bit more planned or they never seem to come about!

I wish you all an 'ideal' Tuesday - at least a few times each month!

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  1. Hi, Heather,
    I loved reading about your ideal Tuesday. You must be the most organized person I know. I am older and alone, family lives far away, but it is still important to plan my days, otherwise much time is wasted, and I do not accomplish much.

    I love reading about your family.


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