Monday, November 30, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I'm trying to get back into the habit of participating in Peggy's 'The Simple Woman's Daybook' - but Monday mornings I just seem to hit the floor running, and I forget to blog!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Outside my window... it's overcast again but supposed to clear up later! I think I'll hang up the washing inside just in case! Last week a few loads of washing took two days to dry outside - and besides that, we could use the moisture inside the house since the heat is on and we are all waking up with dry mouths.

I am hearing ... The Storyteller is telling me a verse he is trying to memorize, while his sister is trying to get him to get dressed and start on the day.

I am thinking... about all of the sewing projects that are floating around in my head waiting to get started or finished! Some are for Christmas, some are for the house, and some are for me - long comfortable warm skirts top my list of 'needs'!

I am thankful for... Mondays! Laundry, lessons, library and leftovers - all good!

I am praying for ... a heart of obedience to God - and the wisdom to know His clear direction.

I am remembering... the sweet time we enjoyed with my Mum and Dad and our friends over Thanksgiving!

I am wearing... long dark denim skirt, beige crew neck top, denim cotton sweater with beige blanket-stitch edge - casual, comfortable and ready for the day!

I am going... to take Dreamer to piano and ballet later. The Storyteller and I will take back a bunch of books to the library and hopefully run an errand or two before picking up Dreamer and heading home. The Historian has already gone to pick up our first winter citrus shipment - oranges and grapefruit! Yummy! I hope when he gets back to make a quick trip to JoAnn's for the lining I need to finish the two wool skirts I started for myself yesterday!

I am reading... my old hat patterns! Our Dreamer is really into wearing hats these days and I need some warm hats for winter as well, so I think it is time to get sewing something cozy for us both!

I am hoping... that this will be a productive week sewing and school - wise! That the Storyteller will get over his cold without sharing it with anyone, and that I can be an encouragement to others this week!

On my mind... my Mum's health - she is in so much pain with her back, hips and feet. I am praying that she will get to see a doctor soon and get some relief - even if it means surgery. Also, this morning we received an urgent prayer request for a friend who recently had brain surgery - she hasn't been doing well for the last two weeks and needs our prayers.

From the learning rooms... The Storyteller is making good progress in both Math and Reading, and Dreamer is steadily working through her lessons, catching up in science and spelling.

Noticing that... restful quiet weekends make for a better start to Monday!

Pondering these words...
'Sarah sacrificed Isaac in her heart before Abraham and Isaac ever made it to the mountain - she had to let him go.' Another challenging and thought provoking message from the life of Abraham - part of the 'Leaders and Losers' message series we are enjoying at Grace Baptist Church.

From the kitchen...
Empty cookie jars and bread cupboard, but the fridge still boasts a few leftovers, so that's a good thing!

Around the house... Yesterday we pulled all the fall decorations down and began packing them away in their bins. I'm not sure when the Historian will get in the attic to get out the Christmas bins, but sometime this week would be good so that we can begin decorating the house. Of course, there is always dusting and tidying to be done on Monday, some vacuuming and the bathrooms need a wipe!

One of my favorite things... we live in a neighborhood of lovely homes - a few of which hire a 'service' to decorate for Christmas inside and out. Last week, the 'tree dancers' came with their long long poles and put lights around the evergreens and on the branches of the maples. Today they are there, taking down the fall wreaths and putting up the simple evergreen wreaths with red velvet bows that grace every shutter clad window. I love to watch the transformation!

From my picture journal...

Maple Twists (recipe link)

These Maple Twists were fabulous - every last crumb was eaten!

I've been trying out some new sweet bread recipes thinking that this might be a good year to change things up a bit on Christmas morning since we always have Swedish Tea Ring! I have been informed by the family that they love the sweet bread experiments, but I best not mess with tradition!!!

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  1. Maple Twists look wonderful....loved your pondering words. I think you
    are the only person I know who is thankful for laundry....

  2. Those maple twists look so yummy! Are you willing to share the recipe?

  3. Jen - I am often overwhelmed by laundry, like all moms I guess, but I am thankful we have lots of warm clothes and I don't have to haul water to heat to boil them - scrub them on a washboard, put them through the wringer, hang them outside to dry, starch and iron them ... and wear them for days on end because I only have two sets of clothes, one for work, one for Sunday! We are indeed blessed by laundry!

    Liz - the name "Maple Twists" is the link to the recipe - enjoy!!! I will double the batch next time a put one un-iced in the freezer - it was that good!

  4. We used to have Monkey Bread on Christmas morn. Funny how things stick. That sample there looks good. I had Pumpkin Bread in the freezer and brought it out while my son & his family were visiting for breakfast. Freezing it made it so moist. DIL took the last of it with her. Made me feel good that she liked it so well.

    I usually get as much of the Monday post ready as I can on Sunday afternoon. You know, the picture, links, what I'm reading, creating, etc. Then just finish it up on Monday morning and post it.

    I wish I had a good A-line skirt pattern that was simple to make.
    Mama Bear

  5. Mama Bear - I love the pattern in Sew What Skirts - they fit really nicely and you make the pattern to your figure, so you can make it as simple or as complex as you like! I checked the book at the library 3 times before buying it - there are some corrections listed on the publishers webpage, so do check those out since they pertain to the a-line skirt!
    Or ... take a skirt you feel fabulous in and make a pattern from it - that's how I made my favorite skirt pattern - this time I am using some vintage washable wool for some warm skirts since cold really bothers my veins!

  6. Thanks, Heather. I'll check that out.
    Mama Bear

  7. Glad to see that you're feeling better & getting back to your Daybooking. And I was thinking how 'funny' it is that we both go to Grace Baptist - only I go to the one in Troy. lol

    And to answer your ? from my blog...nope, I've never made noodles, but would love to. I have, however, made dumplings.


  8. Those maple twists looks so amazing! I look forward to trying the recipe soon!

  9. Great post! Yes, the maple twists look really yummy.

    Food for thought - I've heard the thought that Sarah and Abraham did not live together after Abraham took Isaac to be offered for a sacrifice, with the possibility that she did not accept it at all. Interesting reading in Genesis 22 and the beginning of 23 - food for thought. As a mom, I would understand her not understanding or accepting, wouldn't you?

  10. The Maple Twist is beautiful. I looked at the recipe and it looks like something I can make. We live in a neighborhood where some of the people hire the decorations done by a florist. They can do a lot better job than I can. My sister has hers done inside an out and it is really beautiful. I have one ugly tree up with four decorations on it. You have a lovely way of writing. Thanks for sharing, Doylene

  11. Hiring a service to do Christmas decorations? Sounds so strange to me. lol.
    Actually the kitchen is usually messy in the morning as I don't fully clean up after dinner. Leftovers get put away and dishes rinsed, but that's it. Would rather spend the time with the family instead of in the kitchen.

  12. Mmmm...those maple twists look so good!!

  13. Thank you for stopping by my blog! It's always so nice to receive messages from other moms!

    Your home sounds very peaceful. It was a pleasure to read your Daybook.

    Can't wait to click over and see the recipe for the Maple twists. I LOVE baked goods and like to bake, so hope to try it out!

    God bless! :)

  14. I'll say a little prayer for the people on your mind. Lovely Day Book.

  15. Laundry, lessons, library and leftovers - hmmm - I wonder how many other l words we can string together. I love they way the words roll off my tongue. And that sweet bread looks delicious. I will have to check out the recipe. Blessings to you.

  16. Hey Heather! Thank you for the comment on my blog. A Zune is kinda of like a Ipod, but I think better...I don't understand tech stuff either but my husband is a genius. I had to laugh about the if you were in sloppy clothes two days in a row that you must be dying. When I get kids say "Hey! Where are we going?"
    I will pray that your mom get relief for her pain!

  17. My dryer is currently not working and I was bummed out about this but then I remembered your post about hanging up clothes inside. So...this is what I have been doing; and with the dry winter air the clothes items have been drying relatively quickly. This seems like such a small thing but I love the fact that we are getting buy (for now) without the dryer. Just wanted you to know that you have been a source of inspiration to someone today.



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