Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just a little co-operation ...

Today was the first day of our home-school co-op! Yeah! The children are so excited about getting together each week with their friends and learning something from a different teacher other than mom for a refreshing change! They practically talked my ears of on the way home - filling me in on all of the most important happenings of their day. Dreamer is over the moon about art, and the Storyteller is sure Spanish is going to be his favorite subject! And so it begins for the year - and I love it!

I love that as a community of Christian home educating mothers we can co-operate with one another for the betterment of our children's educational experience and our own encouragement. It is a blessing to see mom's making friends and gaining new respect for one another as we share our God - given gifts and abilities. We're all from unique back grounds, and have different reasons for choosing the home education lifestyle, but just a little co-operation, we're working hand in hand!

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  1. Dear Mommy
    I had a lot of fun at co-op.
    thank you for taking me and
    storyteller(base ball fan).


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