Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A little joy to share

Do you ever find yourself so stumped by one insurmountable obstacle in your life that you just throw yourself into another project just to avoid facing it for a bit? That's what I've been doing!

The schedule puzzle thing ... it's coming together, but there are pieces that just really don't fit simply because I'm not feeling well enough to make them fit. It's as simple as that. I've got about as much energy as a wet dishcloth and I'm going to be very interested to talk with my doctor next week and find out just what's up with my liver.

That's next week. This week I'm playing. With fabrics, wood and trim! Oh my! Hmm. Just the thing I need to take my mind off myself - a new baby boy at our church is in need of some boyish kind of things to welcome his sweet self to this crazy upside down world.

I borrowed a book from the library and for once the pattern pieces were still there! This is a book I will definitely want for my shelf when I gather up enough Swagbucks to trade in for Amazon gift cards! Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter is very basic - perfect for a new seamstress or one who needs to do cute projects in a hurry. You know, I always pick a simple pattern and great fabrics because I would rather have a project finished than ... not! I know me too well. Great fabrics make all the difference! The patterns are easy, can be made in a very short time, and the whole book is just inspiring! It's been so long since we cradled a baby in our home, I had forgotten how little fabric and time it takes to whip up something C.U.T.E.. Too fun!

I had so much fun making these little rattles with scraps! They are just the right size for gripping and gnawing! I made a quilted roll out change pad, some burp cloths, a cute oilcloth bib, a soft gnome hat out of pure organic cotton fleece, and a simple red' flannel on one side cotton on the other' blanket.

I don't know this family but I've been told that Hunter's Daddy is an avid hunter, so I avoided the baby blue thing and went with strong colors. Red, green and chocolate brown! Yummy! I found this Debbi Mumm fabric with bears out fishing, canoes and cabins and just had fun adding in thick red flannel and red cotton sateen.

I even made a tassel for Hunter's room. I have no idea if it will fit in his room decor, but I figured at the very least they could throw it on a Christmas tree and enjoy it then.

I painted up some blocks. All non-toxic and very chewable. With his name, naturally.

Now, I have to tell you that I never intended to go so overboard with this gift. Honestly, I didn't! I just was having too much fun to stop.

It was the first baby gift that I have made in years that was just pure joy.

If the family who receives it gets half the blessing I have had in making it for them, that would be just fine.

If you're a new reader you've probably not gone very far back in the archives. There is way too much there to plow through and it is like the rest of my thoughts - poorly organized! Last fall, I was enjoying the blessing of a sense of God's provision in taking away the long held desire for more children. If you'd like to jump back HERE and read about it, you're welcome to!

After years of infertility and heartbreak, one failed adoption, one wonderfully successful adoption, miscarriage, and one difficult but rewarding pregnancy, you might get a glimpse of just how horrible baby showers used to be for me. I made gifts, bought gifts, and sent my poor husband out to buy gifts when I just couldn't face it. I spent lots of time praying and generally tried to just put aside the bitter-sweetness of it all and just be glad for the new parents, but there was always just a little something that hurt.

This is the first baby gift I've made since God completely took away my longing for more children last fall.

It was pure joy!

I did not expect this added blessing.

I think I'll be looking around at church to see who else might be

needing a few wee things for a blessing on the way!

There is just one draw back to this - that's the sense of sadness I feel about all the friends who didn't get my very best gifts at the times that their wee ones entered into the world. I did the best I could at the time, but I wish I could have done better. If you're my dear sister or a sweet old friend looking at this happy parcel going to a virtual stranger and thinking 'hey - that's way nicer than what she gave us when little Buford was born' - you're right. I'm sorry.

I promise though, that if you'll just go ahead and birth another wee blessing, I'll do better.

Especially if I'm in the process of actively avoiding an insurmountable obstacle in my everyday, run of the mill life!


I didn't think so.

Love ya,

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  1. I love everything you did and I would feel so blessed to receive such a thoughtful gift! I am praying for you and your families health. May God be with you:)

  2. It was so fun to see all the stuff you've been working on. And I so appreciate all that you shared in the post -- I was very blessed in reading it.

  3. Dear Heather
    I love all of the cute things that you made and I am Sure that Hunter will love them. Will you please help me with my sewing project?

  4. It was probably a good thing that Stephanie was born a little over a year after Matthew was born (and lived half an hour).

    It is strange that it was still hard to go to baby showers for a long time even though we had our little girl. I guess they just brought back sad memories.

    Of course, we had no idea Christopher would eventually come along.

  5. Love all. But the tassel is stunning. You need to help us all with some lesson. Wonderful today and the music is so sweet, I just hate to move on.

  6. Thank you for all of your kind comments and understanding. I've often felt just so very self-centered in feeling so horrid about baby showers - I've kicked myself a hundred time and asked why I just couldn't be happy. It's so good to finally be happy making a baby gift!

    Dreamer - I love helping you sew! We'll tackle those bright flannel p.j.'s as soon as you like!

    Kate - The Garden Bell - I am not a great tasseler, but I've shared my simple techniques for tassel making on BeTasseled, my other very neglected blog! Perhaps that will suffice for 'lessons' for now! The link is on my sidebar.

  7. Everything looks wonderful Heather. That ribbon looks familiar!! I am glad that you could use it. I would paint Hunter's room to match the tassel!

  8. I hope your friends understood. I love the things you are finding joy about doing now.

  9. Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. Your goodies are just beautiful~

  10. Hi Heather!

    What a sweet thing to do and I'm sure the family will love all that you've so lovingly made for their boy! That tassel is gorgeous!


  11. Wonderful, transparent post. Thanks Heather!

    Beautiful baby gift, you are talented and I think little Hunter is going to be happY with his gift.


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