Monday, August 2, 2010

A well spent week!

Are you looking at your calender and wondering where summer has flown? We sure are, but we are determined to enjoy the last month of summer to it's fullest.  Last week was fun but hectic!  On Monday at noon my family rolled in - Dreamer from her two wonderful weeks with Poppa and Grammy, and the Historian and Storyteller from their quick trip north to get her.  I was so thankful to have everyone home again! I didn't have much time to spend praising God for their safe travel because we had to gulp down lunch and be out the door by 12:45!  The Historian had to rush to work so that his co-worker could rush to a family funeral and we had to get to soccer!  It was quite crazy, but everyone made it to their proper destination just in the nick of time.

Dreamer with Coach Hazel from Scotland

My sweet friend Laura told me about how much her children enjoyed  Challenger Sports British Soccer Camps and so we signed up Dreamer at the last minute for a camp not far from us.  I am so glad we did!  From the very first day, though she was very tired, she learned so much and had a great time.  It was an usually small camp session, but the Coaches worked hard to make sure the kids had a great time.  Dreamer has always loved soccer and enjoys our Homeschool Soccer League each fall, but this was a great time of skill and confidence building for her. The coaches were excellent and very enthusiastic - we were so pleased with the whole experience.

 Dreamer with Coach John from Wales

Storyteller was really regretting not signing up by the second day - he watched the kids working hard in the hot hot sun but having so much fun! I have a feeling that he'll want to take part next year if there is a camp in our area.  Our homeschool soccer league starts at the end of this month and we have both children signed up because it is great aerobic exercise for them and even though soccer isn't Storyteller's favorite sport, he usually has fun once he get there!  He spent his afternoons at a ball diamond just on the other side of the park but within my sight, and I enjoyed quiet afternoons under a beautiful pavilion enjoying a book or pleasant conversation.  

This week is quiet until Friday when we leave to go CAMPING!!! The kids have been so excited about this all summer!  We are going with an experienced camping family to a place close to home and we are going to be in a little cabin equipped with bunk beds and nothing else. Our friends have a camper and tent and are quite used to camping weekends all summer, but this is a first for our family, so it's quite the novelty.  Thankfully it is just for 3 days, so hopefully it will be restful and not drain me too much! That's the plan anyway!

For today and tomorrow we need to tackle the mountain of laundry, run to the library, water the garden, pick some tomatoes, vanquish the dog hair, sanitize the bathrooms, plan the weekly menu, clean the fridge, run to Wal*Mart for some things and pull some weeds. 

All in slow motion!  After all, it's August!

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  1. Oh you will have fun camping. I suggest that you take a bird identification book along, that is a fabulous camping hobby for our family.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Terra! I will add our Birds of North America field guide to the list - we have binoculars on the list already, so a birding book will be great fun!

  3. What a great week for dreamer. We are missing her, but are so glad she is home safely, and what a soccer experience for her to enjoy. Heather I sure hope that all the preperation for camping will NOT be borne by you. Dreamer and Storyteller should pitch in as those preperations are part of the fun. And I sure hope that you are feeling better to be able to go. We are concerned darlin'.
    Be careful please. Love Ya!!!


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