Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Flies don't wash their hands!

 You know, they really don't!

That's why our picnic basket holds a number of different 'food covers'. I don't like flies on my food. Over the years I have found some covers more successful than others - the umbrella style often works best, but I have always disliked cheap lace, so I used them the least!  As I was going through the picnic basket before our annual Father's Day Picnic, I noticed how yellowed and  gross our food covers were.  Some I discarded as beyond all hope, but others had some potential and today I took an hour to add some cuteness to our camping/picnic gear. I'm so glad we are going camping - it forced me to take an idea and make it work - and there will be no flies on our food!

I purchased these on 'clearance' at Meijer's I think - can't beat $.69!  Just sitting in their packages, they were beginning to yellow.  Have I mentioned that I don't like cheap lace?  

This is what they look like opened up - they keep the flies off, but they aren't very pretty.
Especially if you don't like lace.

I took off the lace and made a pattern with the pieces I took off - basically just a rounded triangle.  I added seam allowances, but not much since I planned to use my serger.  For fabric, I chose bandannas, but anything would have better than that lace!  Did you know you can buy a 4 pack of extra large bandannas in the men's wear area next to the tighty whities and superman boxers?
$2, thank you very much!

Now, that's better, don't you think?

I should have taken more pictures of the process, but I was on the phone with Mum while I did this, and I am not the best at multitasking! I preserved the bandanna hem and was able to just get one cover out of each. If you have specific questions, let me know and I'll try to answer - I used hot glue to re-attach the plastic tip covers to the four corners, but other than that it was a quick and easy project - cheap too!

I have very little leftover, but I've saved those scraps because I just got Sandi Henderson's new book 'Sewing Bits and Pieces' at the library and there is lots of inspiration for all kinds of things to do with very little scraps! This is one book that I've put on my wish list for sure!

Back to our packing up!

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  1. Dear Mommy
    I love all of the cute stuff that we were able to get very inexpensively at wal*mart. I love that it all matches and is all red white and blue.
    Thank you for all of the time that you are putting into this to make it a fun experience.
    I am sure that we all will really really enjoy our camping time and it will be a good memory.

  2. How fun!!! Love the ideas and inspirations....I also love the that book...need to go check it out and see what I can do with my scraps

  3. Those are adorable! They add a perfect picnic flare. I hope you enjoyed the outing.

  4. Your remade ones are so much cuter than the lace one!


  5. You are amazing!!! The fly covers look terrific!!! I'm so glad you get to go camping. I hope it will be fun and not too wearing!

    Have just requested the book you suggested from the library -- sounds good!

  6. Wow! That is a great idea! Love the redone food protectors! We used to use those lacy ones in South Africa, but havent really found any here in Italy. This looks like a great DIY project if I ever do find them!


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