Monday, August 16, 2010

Late Summer Cleaning Spree

I was going to entitle this 'The Urge to Purge" but decided that might bring up some unwanted associations!  I am on a Late Summer Cleaning Spree - and it feels so good.  It all started last week and I'm not sure when it will end, but I'm just going to go with it until every room in the house is lightened.
I hope. 
I was beginning to think we needed more storage space, but really, a good going through was all that we needed. I'm saving us from another minor home repair project for the 'to-do' list!

The children started this crazy need to thin out the house. As we were driving to the Quilt Shop last Tuesday, they sent me into shock when they both said that they were more than ready to get back to our regular school schedule!!!  I was amazed, but pleased at the same time. We all do so much better on a regular schedule, which is something I have failed to accomplish this summer.  Everything we have done this summer seems to have revolved around my physical therapy sessions - not quite as I had planned.  Last summer was the summer of the broken transmission - this summer is the summer of tendinitis. The summer has flown by, and my carefully made goals and ambitions barely got off the ground.  

As the shock of their announcement wore off, I realized that I never even started the whole house sorting  I hoped to do a little at a time all summer!  Panic!  Well, not really - but a huge incentive to look at the calender and make some plans.  We decided to start school August 23rd - one week from today.  
The cleaning and organizing started Wednesday. 

We've been through three closets and two rooms, and taken a van load to Goodwill - I feel lighter already!  I made a huge pile of rags with outgrown boys clothes - not good enough to give away! I even gave away fabric that I was given two or three summers ago and just really didn't like at the time - I didn't like it any better on Saturday, so I passed it along!  I got re-acquainted with my 'stash' and that was good thing - now I know what fabrics I have on hand and what I need to be on the lookout for. 

The children are invited to a friend's birthday celebration this Wednesday so I went through my stash and found some cute fabrics that worked up into a fun hobo bag. The soft railroad stripe denim is left from what I recovered our formerly pink (for Dreamer) car seat with 10 years ago - time to use it or give it away!  The red denim was left from making Dreamer shorts - 4 summers ago!

We decided it needed a pocket, because everyone loves pockets of course!  For safety, he'll probably wear it 'name turned about' like we do when going out in public, so the pocket is for 'show' too!

I had to show you the lining - I made a fun table cloth with this fabric years ago for patriotic celebrations - these scraps have been calling out to be made into something for a very long time!  

There are plenty of great tutorials out there for hobo bags - they really do only take about an hour, but that is if your children don't come up with all kinds of fun 'extra's' to make the project more complex!  I'm happy with how it turned out though, so hopefully the little boy who gets it will be too!  We'll head to the book store tomorrow and see if we can find any books to go in the new book bag. We'll let Storyteller choose since he's got the boy's perspective going on.

Today we've continued with cleaning, a little sewing and reading in between times.  The Storyteller has been outside as much as possible, of course. I don't have the energy for 'go go go', but I am really motivated to rest a while and get back at it!  I have times when I know we need to thin the house, but I am indecisive and end up just moving things to new places. Fruitless. This urge to purge has come with some decisive force - I am thinning ruthlessly. I am not keeping anything that I don't have definite plans for.  I may regret it later, but I doubt it. We truly believe that God will continue to amply supply our needs at the time of our need and we have no need to hoard things I am not using in the foreseeable future. We have seen God at work providing for us beautifully for many years - and there is no reason to believe He will stop now! 
We have 6 days before we start back to school.  Books are ordered, lesson plans are made.  Schedules are tentatively set. I am torn between continuing to clean and purge or just throwing our cares to the wind and making this last week before school all fun and games.  As usual, I've decided on a compromise - a little fun and some more thinning - though the worst rooms are behind us, unless you count the Grammy Flat!  We'll head to the library, meet some friends for a museum morning and birthday celebration, head to the pool with other homeschoolers, and take in some of the County Fair all between therapy appointments and de-cluttering the house.  It sounds like a great ending to summer and a wonderful beginning for the new school year!

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  1. I usually donate all my stuff to Goodwill but this year we're having a huge garage sale. So my garage looks absolutely horrible! I can't wait to get rid of all that stuff.

    I do much better on a routine too!


  2. Manuela - I'd love to come to your garage sale - even your cast off's would be lovely, I'm sure! I hope you do well and that the weather co-operates!

    If I had energy, a yard sale would be a great idea, but the trade off of my physical health with the actual amount of $$$ recovered at a yard sale probably isn't worth it this year. Goodwill is immediate and final and right now, that is a blessing!

  3. Me,too. Just the thought of a garage sale (which is SO much work) would send me to the sofa. :)

    We're taking advantage of the low humidity to finally clean out the garage. That's where my main pantry is located, my laundry, my shelves where I store almost everything, and the place extras get placed. Everything goes there but the car, hehehe.

    I took a few bags over to Goodwill yesterday.

  4. Sounds like your first week of school was quite busy. I hope the County Fair was fun!! We love fairs. I was pretty discouraged with my progress this summer on cleaning projects It took ALL summer to get my filing done. :( But, I think it's just that season of life around here. Now that the kids are a bit older there is so much to do with them: pool, parks, errands, etc.

    We're beginning our staycation on Monday and Michael wants to take us all to the Air Force Museum in OH. My boys are going to love it!


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