Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Small changes ...

often mean BIG things in the life of our Storyteller. For many of you mom's with boys, you'll understand my elation at a small developmental step we are seeing in our Storyteller. He is finally playing with Lego at 9 1/2.

This is a big deal because while most of his friends and his cousins could sit by the hour putting together those tiny little bits and pieces to make fantastic creations by 5 or 6 years of age, our Storyteller couldn't. Those little pieces frustrated him no end. His fine motor skills were not up to the challenge, and his patience and concentration would falter. His lack of attention to detail did not match well with those Lego instructions either.

Our Storyteller has other wonderful skills, and is a fine young boy. If he never played with Lego, I would not have been too concerned. His strengths lie in other areas. He has a heart for God, and a love of the Word that I have never seen in a child his age. He memorizes with ease, and words are his friends. He is always very sorry when he breaks things, because he has had lots of practice with apologies! His vocabulary is terrific and his forgiveness is quick and complete. He is a genuine boy, a loyal brother and a caring friend.

And now, he 'gets' Lego.

We noticed this summer that things were finally coming together for our boy - he found baseball, and small successes in baseball have lead to confidence for other physical challenges. I think he may even try swimming lessons again, though he failed Pollywogs 3 times and may be the tallest child in his class, I think he is finally ready. Little successes lead to other wonderful things, so this is a joy to my mother's heart!

Now, all of the times I have left those big bins of Lego at the Thrift Stores are coming back to haunt me !!! I left them, knowing he wasn't ready, knowing that other boys and girls would have fun with them, and knowing that one of God's names is 'Provider', and that His timing never fails. I know the verse in Philippians 4 about God supplying all of our needs refers to our spiritual needs, and is not a promise for material wealth, but I have also seen God's ample provision for even the smallest of our needs - and Lego's are no trouble for Him! So, we are on the hunt for Lego, and looking forward to the next time we get to go thrifting!

We are starting the new year with a blessing! Isn't God good to just bless this simple mama's heart with a small step forward right at the start of a fresh beginning?

*** I 'borrowed' the Lego picture - those are not ours - he just has two small sets for now ***

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  1. I wish I could explain how far my ADHD boy has come. From being told he was stupid and a trouble maker by a teacher (and us deciding to homeschool), to giving up trying to teach math for a year or two because he "didn't get it"... to getting on the Dean's List at the University majoring in science and taking lots of very advanced math.

    Some kids just need time and lots of practice (along with love and patience). Oh, he loved Legos!

  2. what a beautiful blog!
    happy new year & thanks for droppnig by

  3. Heather,
    you have a lovely way of writing about your boy. I think he will spend many years designing, building and creating and having lots of fun with his lego. My son Sean loves lego too. Perhaps your boy will pray for him? He isn't saved.

    Mat God continue to bless you all.

  4. Oh, Heather, I am rejoicing w/you!! What a wonderful way to begin this brand new year. He sounds like such a precious young man.

    By the way...I am SO enjoying your music & the lovely new header.

    Blessings, Kim W<><

  5. Heather,
    I just stopped by through SPFH. I only clicked on your name because my best friends name is Heather Anne also and I thought she may have joined. Anyway, I clicked on to your blog and I must say I am in tears (Happy ones) over what you just wrote regarding your son. Our son's could be identical twins concerning their emotions, their demeanor. As I was reading your post, I thought, She gets it!! She sounds just like me and my son. I have had the same issues with lego's and beyond... And I too know that it will happen when it happens, My son also has a things for words, photographic memory, He has a heart for the Lord (Just got saved!).
    I don't mean to go on and on, It was just nice to hear a Mama talk so sweetly about her little one with such understanding and patience.
    I understand how happy your heart must be right now. I am happy for you!!
    I believe the Lord lead me right to your blog!!
    I'm looking forward to coming back and reading more later.

    Love Carissa, SPFH~Stella's Apron Strings


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