Monday, April 16, 2007


We picked up this little dress last week at the outlet mall for about $9, but the yoke was 'too white' and plain next to The Dreamer's fair face. I tried my hand at silk ribbon embroidery and this is the result. She is really pleased and can't wait until it is really warm to wear it! It was fun to work the simple stitches with limited materials on hand to make something plain into something unique for our very special girl!

I am also in the process of finishing some 40-50 year old works of art that my mother in law began in the cold winter months spent in her hand hewn home in the untamed forest of Northern Ontario. When she passed away, I couldn't bear to part with all the unfinished projects stashed here and there throughout her home, so I carefully packed them in acid free tissue for 'some day'.
In cleaning out my craft closet recently I came across them again, and have taken up my needle to complete these. Since I have never been taught to embroider, it is a challenge, but an enjoyable one! I need to ask my mum for her expertise, since this was a past time of hers when she was filling her 'hope chest' so long ago! I have completed two and have 8 to go, but amidst the dust of renovation, they may just get packed again for another 'some day'.


  1. Heather, your silk ribbon embroidery is incredible beautiful! I love it!

  2. You "tried your hand"???? HOLY COW, that's gorgeous!!!!!!!! You are FAR from a beginner!! It's just lovely!!

    Thank you SO much for sharing this!!

    By the way, do you know of any books or websites that teach the basics of embroidery? My Grandma taught me some when I was small, but I've since forgotten most of it. I would love to relearn this.

    Mrs. U

  3. Oh my! I'm blushing! Thank you for your kind comments! I am a beginner - honestly! I just followed the directions! I don't think they all turned out quite like they were supposed to, but overall I thought it was pretty simple and a wee bit addictive!


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