Friday, March 23, 2012


Fall Ball 2011

I've never been good at juggling.  
I never put the time in to learn the skill proficiently enough to enjoy doing it.
If the truth be told, I could probably practice for 1000 hours and still not get it
 - I am just not coordinated!
This morning in my prayer time I was thinking about all of the 'balls' I have in the air right now.
I was asking the Lord for the strength to handle them all, and for wisdom to know which ones to drop.
 Baseball season begins on Monday.
I'm totally unprepared.
I thought since I started so early, my spring cleaning would be complete ... but it isn't.
I hoped to have a dozen or more meals in the freezer ready for the crazy nights ... but I don't.
I wanted to have a start on some spring painting projects ... but I haven't.
I was praying that a strained friendship would be on the way to healing ... but it's far from it.
A big giant 'ball' is hurling our way and I just have a feeling that my juggling skills 
will either vastly improve,
or I'll drop every last ball! 
Watch out below!

I never thought I'd be a 'baseball mom' - but here we are.
Our boy thrives on sports of all sorts, but particularly baseball.
Success in baseball has translated into success in school in ways I never imagined possible.
There are a lot of life lessons learned out there on the field.
Many opportunities for character refinement.
What he lacks in skill, he makes up for with hard work and enthusiasm.
They see.
Coaches comment.
The dugout is a tiny mission field for a boy who loves the Lord and the Word.
The bench is a place to exercise compassion 
and learn to extend words of encouragement.
We're praying for Storyteller's coach and for our testimony to be a solid witness of 
a Christian family walking circumspectly in this world.

has been
some pain and discomfort, 
a grand surprise at the door,
intense school work for Storyteller,
too many sniffles and colds,
a great lack of energy, 
far warmer than usual,
basketball weekends,
the AWANA Grand Prix,
a lingering infection for Dreamer,
and all just a little better now.

I have so very much to be thankful for - even baseball season!

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  1. All this and you still invite your parents, and a fmily of 6 for Easter dinner. Well, I for one are happy to be part of your Easter plans honey, and so look forward to being with your family for this very special celebration.
    Keep as many of those balls in the air as you can.



  2. Must be this time of year? I have been so overwhelmed the last two weeks and I'm not sure how everything just happened to "fall" on the calendar all at the same time. Yikes! I am praying for a breather somewhere, even for just an hour to sit down with a cup of tea. Living life like this is not what I imagine... You are right, gratefulness is good medicine. I am thankful for cooler weather -- more spring-like!!!! I hope you get a little time to catch your breath too.


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