Friday, March 9, 2012

A taste of spring!

Do you see it? 
This morning it wasn't there, but as our school day progressed our 
mini daffodils started to show us some color! Joy!
 I'm having such a hard week with pain - this little bright blessing seems like 
an extra reminder that there are better days to come.
I took a minute on Monday to throw these bulbs in an old bucket with some fine branches cut from our ornamental cherry tree. The bulbs were $.79 at Wal*Mart and really meant for out in the garden I think, but I bought them with this idea in mind.  My hope it that after the bulbs show off, the cherry branches will bud - perhaps we'll see some of their pink blossoms. 
It looks promising!
Happy {almost} Spring Friends!

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  1. Carole from IndianaMarch 09, 2012

    Heather...I was given this blogspot by some very wonderful people, your thoroughly enjoyable Mum and Dad! My husband and I met your parents at a Christian concert in started with me meeting your Mum in a line in the lobby and when the concert was over and we went to leave they were right behind us. We were the last ones to leave the church and I believe we could have talked all night! What a true joy they were. We had 2 meals with them and much conversation. We are looking forward to them calling us when they travel to Ohio as we live only 2 1/2 hours away in Indiana. We have very close friends in Cinn/Dayton area who we visit throughout the year so perhaps at some point we will meet.

    I found my way to your blog and have enjoyed it for well over an hour and have just begun to scratch the surface. Your parents are so right, you are a very talented blogger. God has given you a special gift in a myriad of ways. Thank you for sharing with us all.

    Carole from Indiana

  2. Welcome to my quiet little blog Carole! Mum and Dad mentioned what a lovely time they had with you in Yuma and what a blessing it was to meet you both. Your meeting was an answer to prayer as I sensed that Mum was not enjoying her time as fully as she would with a friend to share it with.
    I'm honored that you would spend time reading my blog - I know just how precious time is! I'm glad you stopped by - I look forward to meeting you in person soon! Dad's already scoping out the big coin sale here and trying to co-ordinate a visit, though he never really plans far ahead! I am hoping they will visit in April for Mum's big day and Easter, but we shall see!

  3. I love your arrangement! I will have to keep my eye out for bulbs like that. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

  4. Heather - I found them just in the isle as we walked in, but they are probably out in the garden center too. They just looked like little pots of dirt a week ago, but as soon as they felt the warmth of our home, they started to grow grow grow! This morning we have two pretty blossoms. I didn't get a chance to 'force' many bulbs in the fall - the squirrels got the ones I did try! This was a good alternative.


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