Saturday, March 17, 2012

AWANA Grand Prix 2012

We had such a great time at our AWANA Grand Prix this morning.
We've been working on our cars for a couple of weeks, but of course there were set backs, 
plan changes, 'oops' moments and last minute details to iron out!
Oh, and a few band-aids, and one almost emergency room visit ... ahem.
This is Storyteller's Milk Truck.
If you know our son, you know why he'd choose to make an old fashioned milk truck!
That boy loves his milk!

The Milk Truck

Dan The Milk Man
That's a milk mustache on the front of the truck!
Those are real glass bottles of 'milk' - wouldn't it be fun if milk still came in glass bottles?
We'd love to have milk delivered fresh to our door each day!
The kids always talk me into making a car if I have the time, and I actually enjoy it.
I made the 'bakery items' out of clay and painted them.
The only problem was that they were super heavy!
My car was WAY overweight, so it didn't compete in the Grand Prix.
They sent it down the track once before I reminded them that it was just for
looks and didn't qualify for the race. 

This is my Bakery Truck - well, Sally's Bakery Truck.

Sweet Stuff Bakery Truck

Sally Sweet Stuff

Dreamer's Bach-Mobile was a big hit in the teen category!  
She came in second for speed and design - but there were only 3 entries, so we're taking that into account.

The cars are on display at the church, so this is the best one I have of the Bach-Mobile! 
All of that gold writing is famous quotes from Bach about how his 
music was written to give glory to God.
It's perfect for Dreamer since she is still working daily to prepare for her Early Bach competition in April. She has 12 pieces memorized and 3 to learn and memorize - with all the sickness she has struggled with since December, we are super proud of her for sticking with this and working so hard.

Well, I promised Mum I'd try to post these so she could see our work! 

 I entered these Sandwich Swirls in a recipe contest at RecipeRiot - they are so yummy!
I used my Sweet Honey Rye and Dark Pumpernickel bread recipes, changed them up to work with Fleischmann's Rapid Rise Yeast and made them into Sandwich thins! 
I'll be making another batch this week for sure - the kids loved them!

Another recent recipe contest entry - A Trifle Chai.
Oh my stars! 
I made a homemade butterscotch pudding, a moist hazelnut-spice cake, a batch of homemade chai apple pie filling, a hazelnut caramel sauce and topped it with a sweet /spicy mascarpone cream.
It was so good! My kind Historian thinks my trifle belongs in a 5 star restaurant.
I don't think I've ever been paid a sweeter compliment!
I do believe a really good trifle could rekindle love, settle family disputes and perhaps even end a war.
I am waiting to hear about both contests, but I really hope that I place in the top three for either one.

 Our Mini-Daffodils are over 10" tall and still delighting us with new blooms daily!
We've been plugging along with school and other activities despite an increase in my pain level lately.
I'm looking forward to getting some blood work and hopefully some answers when I go for my physical in a couple of weeks. I've been feeling like I'm kinda falling apart - one pain after another.
I am so grateful that my family picks up the slack when I'm slowed by pain,
 and that I can putter around doing what I can when I am up to it. 
We manage to get a fair amount accomplished each day and 
that's a blessing that I am so very thankful for.
I've been encouraged by this verse more than once this week
 - perhaps it is a timely reminder for you as well.

"Ah Lord GOD! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth 
by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee:"
Jeremiah 32:17

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  1. Cute cars Heather. I like the milk truck and of course the bakery car is right up my alley!!
    Was there not a height restriction? Our Awana rules have a height and width maximium. These cars would not fit on our track.
    Well done!!

  2. I like the milk truck and the bakery car is really cute. These cars would not fit on our Awana track and the height and width restrictions would eliminate both!!!
    Very creative and cute!! Well done.


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