Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 Giving Thanks Challenge - Week 1

It's been so much fun to have new friends joining in the 2011 Giving Thanks Challenge come for a visit this week! Your lovely comments were so encouraging to read! Thank you! I hope I'll have more energy to come visit your blogs and say hello!  I really wonder how the Challenge has affected your heart attitudes this week - because I know it has made a difference in mine

I have to admit that I've been more tempted than usual to grumble and complain this week.  It's not that it's been a bad week, or even a particularly difficult week, but the children have not been in top form and that's made a difference.  I don't like it when they don't feel well!  Though they both maintain generally cheerful spirits even when under the weather, tempers do get short at times and there's just less joyful laughter warming our home. You know, right?

Even so, I have found myself contemplating thankfulness at many moments in my week, and just realizing it's profound power to alter, not my circumstances, but my attitude towards those circumstances. Thank you Lord - what a blessing.

I've got a pretty varied list of blessings so far, so I've decided to put them in this post and clear off my sidebar for this coming week's list! 

1. Salvation because of the death, burial and resurrection of God's Son Jesus Christ.
2. The Word of God - true from the beginning! Thy Word is true from the beginning and every one of Thy righteous judgements endureth forever. Psalm 119:160
3. Family - my husband and two children who make me laugh every day!
4. The sacrifice of thanksgiving - the ability to offer praise to God.
5. Hard times, struggles, losses and the valley times we all travel through.
6. Evidence of God's faithfulness.
7. The smell of clothes dried on the line making our folding area smell fabulous.
8. The power of prunes.
9. A great cup of tea.
10. Brownies. Get thee behind me!
11. Morning sun filtered through the sweet gum tree.
12. Hot showers.
13. Clean clothes.
14. AWANA - children hiding God's Word in their hearts!
15. Morning sounds - a humming boy and cereal poured into a bowl.
16. Dreamer - tackling and conquering a very challenging Bach piece!
17. Central Heat at the flip of a switch!
18. Cool crisp sunny mornings - a scattering of leaves everywhere.
19. Saturday morning to sleep in!
20. A pretty painted closet and new shelf!
21. The Word made clear through the preaching of truth.
22. My inherited baking abilities (thanks Mum) and the joy of feeding others good things to eat.
23. Soother Sac's, warm blankets, big pillows and an understanding hubby when I 'crash' after doing too much for this poor body.
24. Clean teeth and attentive hygienist - pointing out my next battle with gum disease.

So there you have it so far - and obviously I didn't limit myself to one thanksgiving a day because I just don't think I can ever be too thankful, do you?

This verse caught my attention as something I should study this week:
Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God. 
2 Corinthians 9:11
I have seen how God has enriched my week with thanksgiving to Him - how contentment and joy have replaced dissatisfaction and worry when I  focus on our blessings rather than on struggles. This week I want to look more at what God denotes as bountiful - and I'm quite sure it has nothing to do with the pile of sale flyers that lay on my kitchen table promising beauty, happiness and peace ... with purchase!

Where is God leading you in this journey of intentional thankfulness?

Are your eyes more prone to tears this week when thanksgiving washes over your soul and brings unexpected joys in quiet moments?

I pray so!


  1. So sorry to read that the children have been under the weather. You're right, it changes the tone completely. I do hope that chicken soup and quiet reading and plenty of rest has them back on track for a healthy Thanksgiving. So many wonderful items on your list. I smiled reading about the fresh smell of line-dried clothes and the trip to the dentist's office and timely advice. It's all good! Catch you next week!!

  2. Visiting for one last time in November. I hope that the Challenge has been a very good thing. I love that you list goes on and on and on!


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