Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baseball Ice Cream Cake

Summer birthdays call for ice cream cake! 

We've often made an ice cream cake for Storyteller because he loves it and it's so
much better than baking a cake when it's so very hot!
So cool and refreshing!

I made the same style cake two years ago for our baseball crazy boy but made it in a much larger
bowl since we had the family here to help us celebrate.
I also got a bit fancy with some colored whipped cream - you can see it HERE.

So, would you like the directions to make your own half baseball ice cream cake?
Baseball Ice Cream Cake
one (or more) carton of good quality ice cream - your choice of flavor (he chose vanilla bean)
sundae sauce (he chose homemade caramel)
candy and or nuts (he chose chopped Rolos)
whipping cream
1 piece of pull apart red licorice or shoe string licorice

a bowl lined with several layers of plastic wrap
a sharp knife
cake plate
icing spatula
waxed paper

There is no need to soften the ice cream if you are making this on a hot day - even with A/C it will soften very quickly when sliced unless your freezer is crazy cold.
Take the ice cream out of the cartons in one piece - I usually cut the carton open. 
Slice the ice cream in 2" thick slices with a sharp knife. 
Lay one slice in your plastic wrap lined bowl and using your hands or a large spoon, push the ice cream into the contours of the bowl. Cut more ice cream to line the sides of the bowl.
Layer a small amount of sundae sauce and candy or nuts
with alternate layers of ice cream slices until the bowl is full.  Work very quickly!!!
Finish with an ice cream layer.  
Really pack it in well and then cover tightly with more plastic wrap and 
freeze for at least 4-6 hours.

Prepare the lacing by separating the licorice and laying them out on waxed paper. Cut three strings into 1/2" pieces and place on longer strings to form laces.  I like to push them down a bit so that they stick and don't fall off when I transfer them to the cake.

When the cake is frozen, whip the cream with a little superfine sugar until stiff. Line the cake plate with strips of waxed paper around the edges and un-mold the ice cream mound unto the plate. Peel of the plastic wrap and 'ice' with whip cream.  If you have lots of whip cream and want to color some to pipe on that's fun too!
It's best to have a helper to transfer the licorice lacing unto the cake, but it cane be done singlehandedly if you're adept. Return the cake to the freezer until it is time to serve.

We used good quality ice cream that was on sale, Rolos that were on sale B1G1 and whipping cream that was on too. The licorice was not on sale, but we only used one strip. I made the caramel sundae sauce, but I should have just bought a jar because it was so hot and my first two batches didn't turn out. One batch curdled and the other got way too thick so we'll use it for apple dip.
This cake cost about $6 to make and would serve 8 generously.

We've tried lots of other flavor combinations and they were all good.
 Some favorite simple combinations :

*vanilla ice cream*chocolate ice cream* hot fudge sauce* crushed Oreos*
 *strawberry ice cream*strawberry sauce*shaved chocolate*crushed vanilla wafer cookies*
*vanilla ice cream*hot fudge sauce* Spanish peanuts*
*chocolate ice cream*peanut butter cups*peanuts*chocolate sauce*

What do you like in your Ice Cream Cake?

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  1. Happy Birthday to the Storyteller!!! What a great idea fora cake!!! If I hadn't already promised DAvid a chocolate cake, I think I would consider this!!! We're doing a 5 year old b'day tomorrow. :)

  2. WoW! Thanks for a good idea =) and happy birthday <3

  3. Wow, that is an awesome cake!!!

    I came over to say thank you for entering my Lilla Rose giveaway at Home Sanctuary! If you don't have a consultant I would be happy to help you! You can sign up for my free newsletter on my website to keep up with the new designs and upcoming specials! Thanks again!

  4. Happy birthday and yummm.I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I invite you to visit me at Katherines Corner. If you like giveaways I have one going on now that ends very soon. Hugs


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