Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Happy Birthday 

Today our Storyteller is eleven years old. 
I'm not sure where the time went, but it is quite possible that we were so busy
keeping him out of trouble that we missed a few days here and there!
What a blessing it is to see him maturing and growing up to be a godly young man.

It's so relaxing to be able to trust him to play on his own in the backyard, or to take him somewhere and not have to worry so much about him wandering off or endangering his life. 

 {we've waited a long time for these sweet days}

He is learning to control his wild impulses and make better decisions,
and he's finding that the consequences of not doing so are often  painful.

Yesterday the Historian took him to Game Stop to spend his hard earned money on a Wii Game!
Can you guess what game he chose? 
MLB 2K11
Of course.
Worth every penny of his 'garbage duty' days for Mr. Neighbour.
He played a game with Daddy first thing this morning before he let for work.
In his baseball p.j.'s of course!
He seems to think that because it's far too hot to play outside, and because it's his birthday
he gets 'unlimited screen time' today, but that's not the case!

He started the day with a short stack of chocolate chip pancakes
- not as good as Daddy's but they passed.

My brain was in a fog last night as I tried to come up with some character traits 
to go along with the letters for 'birthday'.
Sister thought 'T' should stand for something quite true but uncomplimentary, so we left it!

After breakfast he got dressed in a t-shirt I made him recently and some shorts 
- and then went right back to Wii! 
What a boy!
I'm not sure what we're doing with the rest of the day.
Trying to keep cool, keep hydrated and have a little fun.
I'm so thankful he asked for an ice cream cake for his birthday 
- so easy to make and perfect for such a hot day!

Storyteller just came to sit beside me to see what I'm up to on the computer!
I think it's time to roll up our sleeves and get working on that ice cream cake! Yum!

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