Saturday, May 21, 2011

On their way ....

Poppa and Grammy are on their way to adventure!  
Aren't they cute in their 'new' vintage car?  I made the chiffon head scarf for Mum to protect her hair from sun and wind and she had the big sunglasses to complete the 60's look! We're praying for their safety and that they will have a nice time taking the back roads and stopping here and there to visit friends and ferret out the very best drive-in hamburger joints and root beer stands!  

I told them I took this picture so that we'd have something to show the police in case we don't hear from them for a while - you know,  for the ABP! 
I'm sure they'll keep in touch though!

In baseball news, our Storyteller had his best outing ever as starting pitcher - he pitched 2 innings and struck out 5, walked 4, gave up two hits and one run.  
And he only hit one boy with a pitch. 

I was praying!

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