Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning

I told myself I wouldn't take time to blog until Mount Iron-more was tackled and vanquished - but there it sits!  I've  been doing a few hours of ironing here and there, but the pile continues to grow and our family room looks like the laundromat threw up! I've killed another good Rowenta Iron - it is leaking like a sieve, but that's no excuse.  It's not like it is shocking me like the last Rowenta  iron did!  I am letting it slide, and if we are not careful, we'll soon have a landslide! Buried under and avalanche of clean clothing! It could be fun.

I've just been letting things slide in so many areas - my blog included!  Our schedule seems really busy, though I know we don't do as much as many home schooling families - but for me, it is getting to be too much.  I am looking forward to endings - the ending of soccer and the ending of fall baseball in particular.  I want our Saturday's back.  I want to clean - thoroughly!  I want to decorate for fall before it's gone!  I need a nap! There are so many fall projects on my mind and I haven't got the energy to even begin them!  I had a horrible week with lower back muscle spasms the week before last and I think that was when I realized that I was pretty much letting everything go to ruin.  Nothing like laying around to help you really see the dust and dirt! Our home isn't just untidy, it is in fact, dirty. Grubby hand prints abound and the floors are thick with dust and dog hair.  It's time to get busy and tackle this mess! Maybe after a nap?

Over the weekend, I did get some extra rest, and I tackled a few  untidy messes, including the pantry, which was thankfully overflowing with staples and sundries bought on sale and stashed quickly away.  Now it is tidy and I have better idea of what I am low on and what I need to concentrate on using more quickly.  I've also come to realize that my stockpile of chocolate chips (Ghiridelli milk chocolate chips bought on sale at Wal*Mart last November for $1.50 a bag)  is dangerously low and rationing has begun! Seriously. It feels so good to look in the pantry and see everything lined up neat as you please. I need to tackle the freezers next since we have another freezer full of beef  coming in a couple of weeks and we need to make room.

So for today, it's our regular Monday routine - school, piano, ballet, plus some a dentist visit and vacuuming.  Usually the Storyteller has Fall Batting League too, but he has no game scheduled for tonight. It's cool and rainy - the perfect kind of day to stay in and tuck into the work.  My goal is to catch up on the ironing by Thursday and be ready for Dreamer's big birthday on Friday! I'll be back with some pictures of our teenager on Friday - until  then, have a great week!

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