Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall arrived with a blessing!

All the windows are open and we are loving the fresh cool breezes sliding through the dust motes dancing on late afternoon sunbeams! You would not believe how much better I feel  when the heat and humidity relax their hold and fall finally arrives.  I am sure we will enjoy a few more  warm days, but I would be quite content if the coolness stayed around. This morning I sat in a comfortable chair with a thick soft blanket wrapped about my legs and a yummy hot chocolate in my hand watching our children practice and play soccer while I enjoyed visiting with other homeschooling moms and dads.  Most of these folks we see only during fall soccer season since we travel each Saturday to enjoy the blessings of this soccer experience, so we chat and catch up and enjoy the soccer season.

I'm not sure you'll believe what I've been up to even with picture evidence, but I'll try to catch you up on our week.  It was a week of 'start ups' for our Dreamer as she resumed both ballet and piano after a summer hiatus.  We had a pretty successful trip to the thrift store Wednesday morning  which was a blessing.  Dreamer wears jeans once in a while and we found two pair that were modest and like new for less then $2 each - she is set for a  while. Story teller was THRILLED to find youth football pads - like new for $10.  I looked them up and they are $80 new, so we were really pleased.  He is not playing organized football, but loves to put on a thrifted Browns jersey and toss the ball  with Daddy in the back yard! 

On Friday we attended an excellent event at The Fair at New Boston, near Springfield, OH for their education day.  It was amazing!  We learned so much in such a fun and memorable way.  We started off the day with hot breezes catching our hair and whipping it in our faces.  The leaves rained down on us like a true fall day, but since they were crisp and brown they simply reminded us of the hot humid rainless days we have had for the last few weeks.  Suddenly we were caught in a downpour and even running quickly for our umbrellas, we became quite saturated!  It was nice when the rain stopped, but than the wind whipped up again with renewed vigor and we were soon shivering!  Eventually the clouds were chased away and the hot sun dried us up nicely.  After a while we were hot and thirsty and ready to finish!

We enjoyed  a visit to the Shawnee village and met a squaw rendering fat from bear flesh, a medicine woman and the brain tanner making leather with the brains of the deer brought in by the hunter. It was quite eye opening and very educational.  We put our camera in the van when the rains began and so we have no pictures of the rest of the day, but we met a Pewterer, the Soap Maker, a Basket Weaver, and a slave girl who wrote poetry named Phyllis Wheatly,  We met the militia men, a Goodwife, a weaver and many serving girls. It was an exciting day and I felt very blessed to have the strength to stay for the whole event. We came home refreshed ourselves with icy drinks and got ready for our next adventure!

We spent the evening digging up buried grave markers!  I told you you'd never guess what we've been up to!  The Historian found records of an undocumented 1820's cemetery on the site of an old one room school house, which was abandoned in 1912 or so.  It is now the site of a private residence, and thankfully the home owner enjoys historical research and is eager to solve some of the mysteries of the old cemetery.  Apparently, a previous home owner got tired of mowing around  head and foot stones and about 50 years ago he and his son buried the beautiful grave markers.  Sadly, they buried them en mass and in the process the already old and weathered stones suffered  much damage.  Tree roots and shifting soil took their toll as well, but those that didn't get broken are surprisingly well preserved from further weathering and graveyard vandals.

This week the Historian had an opportunity to watch  technology uncover history.  The family of a Revolutionary War Veteran buried in this re-discovered cemetery paid to have a ground radar specialist come and examine the area and plot potential sites for the buried headstones. On Friday night he took us to the site and we got to try our hand at amateur archaeology!  Some of the stones are quite large and beautiful - and some and small and exquisitely hand carved.  This one brings to mind so many questions - we wonder how poor Jane Dinsmoore died at the tender age of 15 years 1 month and 12 days. So sad. Dreamer wondered if Jane liked roses - her marker is quite beautifully carved with one flower and a bud carefully set in a deep crest shape.

I have a feeling this will be an ongoing project since it looks like there could have been as many at 200 graves at the cemetery and it will require much careful  digging to find all of the headstones. Thankfully, the home owner is eager and not opposed to a few holes in her yard  - she was out digging and  unearthing stones all  day  yesterday.  She is an avid gardener and plans to just fill them in with trees and gardens, and find a way to display and preserve the grave markers. They have not found the Revolutionary war veteran's stone yet, but hopefully it is one that was better preserved! The stones are only about two feet under, so there is little risk of disturbing the contents of the graves.  It is a shame that this site was not properly cared for, the remains exhumed and re-interred and the stones set up to mark the passing.  I guess the community decided to just look the other way when the previous home owner committed this dishonoring act.  All for a tidy yard and easier mowing.

It's been an exciting week, and I look forward to starting the day in the Lord's house tomorrow - attending church is always a blessing, and quite family days are a  joy.  We are so blessed - after a trip to the fruit farm and grocery store our fridge and pantry are loaded with good things to eat and we are planning a quiet  couple of days of  homemade fun, a few home maintenance chores, and some quiet rest. Perfect.

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  1. We are budgeting tickets to the Feast of the Hunter's Moon this year (first weekend in October I think, it changes each year).

    We love going to places and events that take us back in history, making it all so real.

    I hope this cool weather will last soon. By the way, tell your son and hubby... "Go Bears!". Where I live, loyalties are about half Bears and half Colts. We are definitely Bears fans. :)

  2. I know you'll enjoy the Feast - it has an excellent reputation!

    Our fellows are actually Buckeye fans, but you take what you see when thrifting, and a 'real' Browns jersey was at least an Ohio team. The Historian has always preferred college ball. Since we don't have t.v. the games are listened to while doing outside chores during the fall season - a pleasant back ground to the fabric of our lives.

  3. That's so fascinating about the grave stones!! It's so sad to think of all the children that died young back then.

    Brenda's been telling me about the Feast of the Hunter's Moon --it's on my calendar and we'll see if we make it. :)

  4. Hi Heather!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time! The headstone digging is not something I'd enjoy much, I still have shivers when I think of graveyards - unfortunately I've watched too many scary movies in my life and they've had a bad impact. But it's great that your family can spend such quality time together doing so many interesting things and learning so much!

  5. Oh love your home school field trip...ours through the years were just the icing on the cake. Yesterday we had a teen book club in our house studying Hawthorne and I just so enjoyed it ...since I now know how fast this time goes.
    Love the lesson through your pictures


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