Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Apron Musings

There is something special about putting on an apron. This morning as The Dreamer and I set out to get a few chores ticked off 'the list', we strapped on our aprons. It is amazing to watch the transformation that occurs when The Dreamer dons an apron. She chose the 30's green print, a full apron that I made 20 years ago - can it really be so long? The fraying bias trim speaks to it's age and use, but it is remarkably free from stains or tears. I really ought to mend it soon before the fray worsens, but in truth I would rather make a new garment from scratch than mend on old one. I wish I had inherited more of my Nanny's frugality!

Anyway, the transformation of our daughter was wonderful ... The Dreamer took on a look of confidence and spirit. She quickly tied the sash around her favorite pink and orange play dress - it was long enough at the beginnng of summer when I struggled to get the zipper in straight, but it is beginning to look ready for the hand-me-down basket. She ran out to the garden to pick green beans and maters, marvelling at how many she could put in the big apron pockets. She attacked all of the everyday stainless with gusto, polishing it in the afternoon sunshine. She made us a simple lunch and served it with her apron on. She played outside, carrying her dollies in the bib of the apron. She wore it to make yet another jug of lemonade, cheerfully this time! She wore it in the sandbox and tucked her flip flops in the pocket. She dried her brothers tears when he scraped his leg. She set the table for dinner. She took it off reluctantly only when sent to dress for bed and sighed, 'I really like this apron'.

Personally, I really like the little girl in the apron. I like her very much! The Dreamer is sweet and brings joy to our family each day, but the Dreamer in an Apron is happy, helpful, confident and industrious. I'm asking my husband to set up my sewing machine tonight, and I hope to make two new aprons, one just for the Dreamer and one for her Momma, who is so blest to be watching her grow. I think she'll still like the old one best!

If only we had a digital camera so I could take a picture and show the results! Of course, I'd have to learn how to use it and I'm still learning the computer!

Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! Psalm 107:8

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  1. I miss so much having my daughter be that age. I always told her that "raising a daughter is raising your own best friend".

    Mine lives a thousand miles away now. She is my best friend, though. (Well, except for my husband and son, too.)

    I need to get a digital camera, too. It wasn't important until entering the world of blogging.

    Thank you for your comments posted on my new blog!


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