Monday, March 11, 2013

A week at the beach

Dreamer's evening sky over Lake Nippissing
I'm not super keen about going to the dentist. It always hurts, it's always expensive, and I rarely get any good news! Don't get me wrong - I really like my dentist. Dr. F is super caring, very gentle and has a big heart. My hygienist is wonderful too - very friendly and encouraging. All in all, it should be one of the more pleasant 'self-maintenance' exercises ... well, apart from the hurting part, right?

I go faithfully every six months for a cleaning and I love the way my mouth feels afterwards.  So clean, so fresh, so smooth ... and goodbye tea stains! I always have to fill out a form - latest health issues, changes in medications etc.. Do you have to do that to, or is this something that comes along with having an existing health condition?  I don't remember having to do a run down of my health history every six months before.

At any rate, I was having a hard time last week - just racking my brain for all of the minor health issues I'd faced in the ensuing six months. I ran out of room on the form. I . ran . out . of . room. Now that's a new one, even for me! So my sweet hygienist starts by apologizing but it's time for the measurements. Aaaaaaaaaah! After two weeks of muscle spasms in my back I didn't quite have my usual ability to block the discomfort, and it was bad. My mouth is a mess - so much so that we took a little tour with the camera and watched as my rich red blood spurted like Old Faithful at each touch of the probe. Now before you get upset with me please know this - I am a faithful flosser, an avid brusher and I always have been. My mouth just tells a different story. Ha!

The Dr. always comes in after the cleaning and we work out a treatment plan.  In fact I've never had a cleaning without a treatment plan and was beginning to think that was SOP until I overheard another lady's post cleaning chat with the good Dr.. No treatment plan for her, or the guy in the chair after her. I'm beginning to think I'm special. The Dr. took a peak and then grabbed my form - you know, the one that I ran out of room on? We discussed my notations, and I added one or two other small things I apparently had forgotten about and then with her hand on my shoulder she kindly said, 

'Oh Heather - you NEED a week at the beach!'

Another of Dreamer's evening sky over Lake Nippissing photos
Well, a week at the beach isn't going to happen any time soon. I am praying that we'll be able to get up to North Bay to visit Mum and Dad again this summer, but flying away to somewhere warm and sunny right now isn't very likely. As appealing as it may be! I had to work really hard to convince them that my life isn't nearly as bad as it looks on paper - in fact I've had a lot of blessings and times of immense thankfulness for those blessings lately.  I gave them my best smile (after the final rinse) and assured them all that I am one very blessed woman! Everyone has challenges and while it does sometimes seem like I have a perfect storm of them during more my difficult seasons, God is carrying us through with joy.

I know when I go back on Wednesday for another emergency crown two hour torture appointment that the ladies are going to ask me if we've booked that much needed week away at some warm beach. I love how my struggles often given me an open door to share the hope I have in Christ with others.  I'm pretty shy at times and not nearly as bold as I ought to be in giving the reason for my joy but I will have an opening and I plan to take it. I'm praying for boldness, along with strength and courage. We were reminded at in a message recently that the hope we have in Christ is not the weak-kneed milk-toast kind of hope that slips away at the first side of adversity, but it is the assurance that God is faithful, His Word is truth and His promises are from everlasting. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His grace and mercies are new every morning. 

I'll let you know how it goes when I get back from the dentist! I'm getting to be 'old hat' at this but root canals and crowns are never much fun. I'm going to think about warm sunshine and take my gardening magazine ... and this time I won't forget to eat beforehand!


  1. I know how you feel!

    I don't know if you keep up with Randy Alcorn. He is an insulin dependent diabetic and his face is swollen so much right now that he cannot eat anything but liquid food.

    All because he cannot overcome problems in his mouth (infections that can't heal properly). He updates everyone who "likes" his ministry on Facebook.

    Here's hoping you get to the beach this year. :)

  2. Oh Heather, my mouth is the SAME!! I just dread going in now, too. I brush and floss and try to avoid all sugars....but whalaa, every dentist visit is a doozy. We have dental insurance and I've already maxed out my limit for this year. We should both be hanging out at the beach together:)!

    Hope your crown feels wonderful afterwards and praying you have a nice few minutes to sit down and enjoy your magazine!




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