Tuesday, June 19, 2012

25 Things for a Monday in June

 It's been forever since I posted anything.  It's not that there aren't any posts waiting to be edited and published - there are!  There are even a few posts floating around in my head. The problem is that they are all half done - like everything else these days!  Oh well - I'll get back to them when I have time.  In the meantime I thought I'd catch up with another installment of 25 Things. Completely random things ...

1.  Yesterday our family took an important step following the Lord's leading - we became members of Grace Baptist Church in Sidney, Ohio. Storyteller was baptized for the first time and the rest of us were re-baptized to show our commitment to the Lord and affirm our support of Grace Baptist Church.  We are all so glad to take this step after almost 3 years of attending regularly.

2. Dreamer played all 15 of her Bach pieces with her eyes closed this morning.  I am pretty sure she is ready for her audition.  I'm hoping we can arrange that for this week since I am really really ready for her to start on her next goal - the Sonatina Award. All Bach all of the time is great, but a little variety never hurt.

2. I am a baseball mom. I have been to all but one game this year.  My backside is spreading proportionally. We have three games left unless the team really picks things up in tournament. Is it wrong to hope they don't?

3. Last week I had my hair cut and I was scalped. I have learned that I don't speak 'hair stylist' very well at all. I asked for a 'trim' and parted with 6". Oh well - I guess it will grow.  The good news it that it drys fast and now that I am used to flipping it up it doesn't look as much like a brown football helmet.

4. After three weeks of serious neglect, our home is quite a mess. I cleaned the kitchen to do some baking on Saturday and than just paused for a minute to enjoy the dog hair and dust free floors.  I plan to get this house whipped back into shape by Friday at the latest. Notice I didn't say which Friday ...

5. I am teaching a flower making class at Troy-Hayner Cultural Center tomorrow - I hope I have enough students to make it worth while.  It should be a lot of fun even if we have just a small group.

6. I am a very messy baker - after making the breakfast for our HomeBuilder's class on Saturday I had 14 tea towels and several dish cloths in the wash.  I always feel like I have to be extra clean when I am baking for others so I keep grabbing clean linens to tidy up with.

7. Making danish in a hot kitchen doesn't work well - they were puffy instead of tender. They tasted great, but the texture was just not danish-y enough. For the record, I did not go overboard baking.  I made 1/2 as many items as last time.

8. We loved having our homeschool evaluation this year. We got our profiles put together at the last minute, made cupcakes and headed to our first Profile Party.  It was fun and encouraging to see other veteran homeschoolers. Both children did very well this year, and with our first year of High School out of the way I am more confident that if the Lord leads we will be able to homeschool High School.

9.  Our favorite field trip of the whole entire year was to a one room schoolhouse.  It was so much fun! Both children are not keen on acting/drama but both love reenacting and dressing up for a day in the life of a child in 1887 was so much fun! I sewed like a mad woman the day before to make their somewhat authentic outfits, and Dreamer made moccasins for both of them. The petticoat and pantaloons where fun! That is their lunch packed into a lard pail!

10. That same day Dreamer had her ballet performance and, of course, Storyteller had a baseball game. I had so much fun doing Dreamer's hair - it is thick and long and incredibly straight, so getting it all up in a cute style that wouldn't give her a headache is always a challenge, but it turned out well! She has gained so much confidence through ballet and it is great exercise. She wears a more modest ballet outfit than the rest of her class, but her class has accepted that quite graciously and made her feel welcome. This year she also helped with a younger class, so performance night was a bit crazy, but she loved it!

11. I hate being forced out of a rut, but forced I will be.  My favorite lipstick color was discontinued about a year ago and I bought 2 or 3 tubes on clearance.  I am scraping out the last bit of my last tube. How will I find a barely there color that compliments my face without saying 'hey look at my lips'?  They all seem so bright or dark or shimmery. Back to trial and error I suppose.

 12. I'm reading Brokenness, Surrender, Holiness: A Revive Our Hearts Trilogy by Nancy Lee DeMoss for our ladies Bible Study at church. I am really being challenged and looking forward to actually getting to the study to hear what the other women are gleaning from the book. I've missed the first two studies but plan to be there this week!

13. I am so thankful for breezes.  Even on the hottest days a breeze just somehow makes it more bare-able.

14. Eating late at night after ballgames is getting on my nerves. And my hips.

15. I need to start making notes in my cookbooks because if our darling girl is making something while I am not here, she won't know the ways I've changed the recipe to make it easier/healthier/faster. Keeping it all in my head isn't helpful to her at all. And since I've got a mind like a sieve, it's not helpful to me either!

16. The fact that baseball clinic is going into a third week is just killing my hopes to get any one of  those half done projects completed.

17. Into every day over 80 degrees some really good ice cream must fall ...

18. Lately every pin I try to follow on Pinterest leads to a dead link. Why is that?

19. It is incredible how urgent it becomes to clean out the fridge and re-stock with good things to eat when you're expecting an overnight guest. It's a good thing!

20. It is lovely to receive compliments, but I never quite know how to respond.  A Kroger employee asked where my children were today.  I explained that I had given our son a list of chores he was to have done by the time I got home, and that our girl was finishing up her room.  She was amazed that I could trust them to do those things while I was out shopping, but than she said that she guessed since they were incredibly polite they were probably also very obedient. She told me I was 'lucky' to have such good 'easy' kids (if only she knew). Luck has nothing to do with it - it is the grace of God and consistent training. We are blessed, not lucky.

21. Why do scabs on knees take so long to heal? I am putting vitamin E on Storyteller's knee every day (and sneaking in to do it at night too) but he's got a huge ugly scab. Every time he plays ball he re-opens it.  I guess one day soon it will be covered with man hair, so I shouldn't worry.

22. 11 year old boys are smelly. When did this happen?  I used to nuzzle on his toes and now if he puts his foot within a yard of my face I almost pass out.  He showers often, but I suspect he could be more diligent with his use of the soap.

23. I love the sound of giggling girls ... even when they are laughing at me!

24. This post actually took two days, but I am too lazy to change to title and add Tuesday ... that's just the way things are rolling these days.

25. You are a trouper - if you read this far you either have way too much time on your hands, you speed read, or you really are interested in my quiet, simple, blessed little life. Thank you!

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  1. I speed read in my rss feed usually!

    Stephanie lets her kids pick on thing to be involved in (although the two smallest kids are involved in HOME) and David chose baseball.

    In her town, the baseball games are played on Sunday afternoon which makes it crazy for people involved in their church.

    At least at his age (nine), it is only one day a week. For the record... Elisabeth takes piano lessons and Faith takes dance lessons. :)

  2. I have been fighting an ear infection and being really tired so you will understand... that should be ONE thing.

  3. 1st of all ~ I missed you blog. 2nd ~ this was really sweet. Congrats on your church membership! What homeschool group do you belong to? Did you go to the Collins Schoolhouse in Green County? We did that yeeears ago, when our girls where probably in K & 3rd grade. It was so much fun ~ it made doing the Prairie Primer unit study VERY real.

    Blessings, Kim<><

    1. Hi Kim - thank you! We aren't in a homeschool group right now, but were invited to join friends who went to the Clark County Retired Teachers Association refurbished Advance One Room School just outside of New Carlisle. It was amazing. Years ago our Storyteller memorized much of Farmer Boy by listening to it on CD, so it was really special to him. I did not however make him a black snake whip to put those 'Hard Scrabble' boys in their place! He wore a rough linen shirt, wool pants and leather moccasins so he was 'authentic' enough! It was such a fantastic end of our school year field trip!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog, and have waited for you to update!
    Thanks for being such a role model!


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