Saturday, September 1, 2018

Seasons change and a useful list

Letting three years pass between posts was absolutely not my intention ... but there you go. Another reason to live life intentionally. Time slips away so quickly. 

And Bunnies ... cute baby bunnies happen when you least expect it! Oh but they are so fun! We have 5 all grown up now! 

September is one of my favorite months - and this year is no exception. I love it when a month begins on a weekend - I can check off my Beginning of the Month list quite easily when I don't have to squeeze it in to a regular day. Not that our days have been regular recently - far from it in fact. It's been more a constant game of 'catch up' or 'what's next' than a place of quiet rest lately.

See that blue tape? Kitchen finally got a little make-over! Yeah!

A quick update is in order. Our children are now both adults. How? I don't know. I may still be in denial. Seriously. Adults.

I know that was the goal, but now that we are here I would love a few do-overs with little warm bodies snuggling on my lap for read aloud time ... {sigh}

I am {almost} out of a job! 

Our sweet girl is 20 years old {for one more month}, content at home and has just finished up some online coursework, which she did really well with. She has had some very discouraging health issues over the last year and a half. Manageable insomnia here at home become chronic and debilitating when she attended Crown College for a 1 year Bible program - dorm life was a disaster except for the sweet friendship she developed there. It's been a real struggle to help her resolve some of these issues, but by the grace of God, we do believe she is on the mend and heading in a very positive direction. In the turmoil, she gave up her music and has not yet gotten back to it, which saddens us greatly. We are trusting that she will still use the talents and training that the Lord gifted her with, but at this point, the focus has been on sleep and healing.

We are on the final stretch with our gentle giant son - he is a 6'4" SENIOR and this is our final homeschool year. In fact, on Monday he starts classes online with the Get Ahead program at West Coast Bible College which is located in Lancaster, CA. Clear across the country. I know. Mamas faith is going to be tested. Again. But that's next fall ... so I am not going to stress quite yet. God has this all in control. I want this final year to be a joy and a blessing and worry about the future is sure to snatch that from me. I will hold on tight to joy as I am letting go!

Boys love bunnies too! Isn't Rosie sweet? 

Two years ago we joined a homeschool co-op again. It was long over-due. When we were praying about our girl going off to school, we knew we needed to make some changes. It wasn't going to work with just our young man and I sitting across the table doing schoolwork. He is shy and quiet in some group settings, but way more social than his big sister and needed the challenge and the encouragement of other homeschoolers tackling this thing called high school. It has been a HUGE blessing for both of us - and ... we discovered a 'hidden' talent that was not on our radar at all! Two lead roles in two very professionally run junior high/high school MUSICALS has uncovered abilities and passions that we could not have anticipated.

I made Miss Belles gowns and it was so much sewing! Oh .. and the matching vest for my guy! So handsome! 

It was such a fun and exciting way to earn those needed 'fine arts' credits for homeschool too. So much work, but such a great reward. Our guy was The Beast in Beauty and the Beast spring 2017, and this past spring he earned the role of Horton in the very fun production of Seussical! He is very excited about this years musical - though already a bit sentimental about it being his last. We wonder how the Lord will use these skills and experiences in his adult life, but are excited to see where He leads.

Grammy and her Beast

My Dad and Mum were able to come for both productions and enjoyed the shows thoroughly. It was such a crazy time but a blessing to have them see the fruit of all of the hard work that everyone put into each production.  They held down the fort at home while we were in full production mode!

Horton and Grammy

My husband is still our favorite Historian and archivist - he loves his full time job and the various part-time jobs he also does. He is amassing quite a nice collection of old Baptist materials and books and uses them in his writing both for the Particular Baptist Press and the Ancient Baptist Press. He rarely has time for his own writing interests, but continues to publish a weekly column in our local paper. Lately he's been thinking about a season when he will be able to spend more time on his own writing, but that's a bit down the road. He's the Basketball Dad and at every game for our guy - I know this last Miami Valley Saints season is going to be bittersweet for both my of guys!

And then there is me.

But I said this would be quick, so I will leave me to another post. I've got some new health struggles added to my old ones, and at times it's been a bit overwhelming and discouraging. It sometimes seems like it's one thing on top of ten others ... but through it all, I am incredibly blessed and dearly loved. I have so much to be thankful for.

Thanks for stopping by! 

{as promised}

Things I Do on The First Day of the Month

  1. Flip Calendar & take out new grocery list pad (I have the Susan Branch set pictured above) 
  2. New contact lenses and razor blade
  3. Personal Care – tidy eyebrows, hair, tootsies, and hands
  4. Wash out make-up brushes, clean hair brushes,
  5. Bedding stripped including the mattress protectors and pillows (sheets and pillowcases weekly – quilts and blankets quarterly)
  6. Dust off all ceiling fans – change fan direction seasonally
  7. FILTERS – furnace filters, R/O water filter, whole house filter (quarterly)
  8. Water Softener – salt if needed
  9. Fridge clean out – thorough clean out and wipe down
  10. Pantry Tidy up – add depleted items to grocery list
  11. Running shoes, flip flops and door mats washed together
  12. Menu planning – grocery list, recipe round up
  13. Washer wipe down after last load – clean the seal, run a sanitize
  14. Dishwasher wipe down – clean the seal, filter and run a sanitize cycle
  15. Dust fridge coils and under bookcases
  16. Make a cup of tea and relax a bit
 This whole list takes less than an hour when I am feeling energetic and can really focus. Today I happen to be recovering from a very nasty tummy bug ... and so it will not get completed, but rather spread out over the next few days. So far I have seven of the sixteen completed ... and we shall all sleep on clean sheets tonight despite the rain. I am thankful! 

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