Friday, September 28, 2012

When you neglect your blog ...

anonymous commenting trolls will find you!  And I've committed serious blog neglect for several months so the weird comments are really adding up! It's crazy, but true.

Are you wondering why my blog has been so badly neglected?  There are a lot of good reasons I guess.  Our ancient computer is getting slower and slower.  Uploading pictures makes my teeth ache - it's just that slow!  Typing anything is time consuming too since our keyboard died ... most likely from PopTart crumbs. You wouldn't there would be anything as junky as PopTarts in our house, would you? The kids and I think they are disgusting - really we do. But every once in a blue moon the Historian has a flashback to the flavors of his youth and craves something totally weird - like PopTarts.  Those things should be in the candy bar isle - NOT the breakfast isle.

Life is full and busy and blessed beyond measure.  We are a month into our school year and it's going well. I've found out that our darling girl might just be a mathie - as in she grins and claps when she understands an algebra problem and gets 98% on most of her tests. It just makes me laugh because I am so not gifted in math. As I type I am hearing Beethoven in the background.  Having achieved her Early Bach Award she is full steam ahead on the Sonatina Award.  She has most of the first piece learned and memorized.  It's really different from Bach and I am loving it.  She's learning all about 'grace notes' and really working on phrasing - it's so fun for her.

Sports of all sorts are going on to and next week we add homeschool gym to the weekly line up. Right now it's Fall Hitting League and Ballet on Monday, Ballet Helper on Thursday, and Soccer and Fall Hitting League on Saturday. Every Saturday after soccer we take a detour on the way home to a family farm market and load up on apples, squash, melons, pumpkins, corn and cider. Yummy!  I do love fall!

We've been given a lot of tomatoes this fall - such a blessing.  I made my Nanny's Chili Sauce - enough to distribute to Mum and Dad and Uncle Larry. The Historian is the only one who cares for it here so it's good to give it away.  I've made a lot of  tomato basil pasta sauce and canned it as well.  We were also invited to pick grapes which the guys did one Sunday after church, so I have grape jam and jelly in the pantry.  It was so much fun to make grape jam for the first time - yummy! I think I like it better than jelly.

Last Saturday I had a friend from church come and we made Salsa ... 38 jars of Salsa! Hey, you might as well make a big batch when you are making it, right? It was fun day and it felt so good to have it all lined up on the counter ready to put away.  We did a quadruple recipe and it tastes so fresh and good.  It could be hotter for our taste, but I think we taste tested too soon ... the flavors need to develop in the jar. Maureen had never canned before so it was fun to share my canning knowledge with her ... though I think we should have started with something a bit easier!  There are a whole lot more steps to making salsa then there are for jam, for sure.

 I'm hoping to get some apples for Apple Butter - we are totally out and it's a family favorite.  The cider is really expensive this year and the apples are too, so I am not sure if it's going to cost a fortune, but I need to can apple sauce as well, so I really need to track down a couple of bushels and just get to it!  I'll be doing my Nanny's Oven Apple Butter recipe - you can find it HERE.

There are big changes in our children this fall. Our Storyteller's voice is deepening and it's so hard to get used to that idea. He's growing and maturing in so many ways. I cannot keep him in clothes as he outgrows pants faster than he did at 4. He's wearing men size 11 shoes at 12 so I have a feeling he has a lot more growing to do.  I am so thankful he is healthy and maturing into a young man who loves God and His Word and has great compassion for people.  He is doing Trek in AWANA this year and really loving the challenge of learning God's Word and studying it in more depth.

Our Dreamer is changing too, though she wishes she would grow taller, I have a feeling she has reached her full height at 5'7". She might surprise me though - she would love to be taller. She is trying so much harder to keep her room tidy, though it seems to get out of hand very quickly.  At least now she is making an effort, and that's encouraging. She's beginning to show an interest in her appearance, though she has no vanity or awareness of her attractiveness. She's just finding her own unique style and getting comfortable in who she is. She was at a big Youth Rally on Saturday and made a re-commitment to the Lord which was very exciting to us.  Since she was so very young when she accepted Christ as her Savior we were praying that she would one day make that decision. It's so humbling to see our children growing in the Lord.  I pray that they will always be so passionate and committed.

Lovely to catch up a bit here! 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. How wonderful to see your children doing so well and enjoying life and studies and sports, and loving Jesus. You are a busy mom, but do keep posting so we can catch up.

  2. I was just thinking of you this past week and wondering how you are doing!

    I used to not moderate the comments on the recipe blog since I only use it to "park" recipes I've talked about on my regular blog.

    Then I had an e-mail from a reader asking if I knew about the bad comments on the blog. I went over immediately and someone had left horribly defiling comments on numerous recipes.

    I had to go through and delete all of them and it took a couple hours. But I went to comment moderation on that blog and it stopped.

    I've noticed that Blogger is letting more of them through now then they used to on my regular blog. The people who get a kick doing such things keep getting smarter about how to cheat the algorithms.

    Anyway, glad to hear you are fine and just busy!


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