Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School Days

Storyteller’s Subject List
Grade 5 (age 11)

1.      Bible & AWANA T&T book #4 (he's really sweating this one - the verses are challenging)
2.      Big Bad Bible Giants (Devotional)
3.      Singapore Math- Primary Math 5a & 5b
4.      Gateway Reader – Grade 5
5.      Wordly Wise Book 5
6.      A Reason for Spelling Level E
7.      Explode the Code
8.      Creative Writing 6
9.      A Reason for Handwriting 
10.  Daily Journal assignments
11.  Exploring Education - Physical Science - Intermediate Level
12.  A Child’s Geography
13.  US. Geography
14.  50 States
15.  Drive Through American History
16.  Colonial Life in America
17.  Pioneer Life in America
18.  The Mystery of History Volume 3 – Reformation, Renaissance & The Growth of Empires
19.  Visual Latin
20.  Spanish
21.  Meet The Masters Online Art
22.  Guitar Lessons
23.  Home School Gym weekly at the YMCA, Fall Batting League, Home School Soccer, Upward Basketball

I am still working on his Read Aloud list - currently we are working our way through Ulysses.

Dreamer’s Subject List 2011- 2012
Grade 9 (age 13 - almost 14)

  1. Bible (currently continuing an Intensive Study of 1 John)
  2. Thinking Like a Christian (Developing a Christian Worldview)
  3. Grammar and Writing 9
  4. Daily Journal Assignments
  5. Excellence in Literature-Reading and Writing through the Classics-British Lit.
  6. Invitation to the Classics
  7. Wordly Wise book 10
  8. Pentime Cursive 9
  9. Latin Roots 
  10. Visual Latin
  11. Speech and Debate ( with a homeschool group)
  12. Algebra ½ (Saxon Math with DIVE CD)
  13. World Physical Geography – Runkle’s Mapping the World
  14. Exploring Education - Physical Science- Advanced Level
  15. The Mystery of History Volume 3 – Reformation, Renaissance & The Growth of Empires
  16. The Light and the Glory & Sounding Forth the Trumpet
  17. Beginning German
  18. Meet the Masters Online Art (Adult Level)
  19. Piano and Music Theory with Mrs.D. – Dreamer received 3 ‘Superior’ Piano Guild Awards this spring and is working toward a 15 piece Bach program for Spring 2012 – she practices at least 11/2 hours daily.
  20. Home School Gym at YMCA weekly, Ballet, Home School Soccer

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