Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving # 38

I've just been forced to take a quick break by Dreamer - she has mopped the kitchen floor and banned me from the kitchen while it dries! Like you, we are busy as bees getting ready for company tonight and a quiet celebration of our 38th Thanksgiving tomorrow! I thought I would sit here with my nice cup of hot tea and share a bit with you! Hopefully you are taking a break and taking time to reflect on the joys of Thanksgiving too!

I guess I should explain those 38 Thanksgivings, since that seems like a lot of Thanksgivings for a couple married only 19 years, but it's true! We were married in Canada on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend way back in '91 - it was glorious!  We felt then that no matter where the Lord led us we should  celebrate both Canadian and American Thanksgiving to reflect our 'dual heritage' - we've always had so much to be thankful for!  It's helps that we really like turkey too!

We'd been married just over a month when I prepared my first Thanksgiving dinner - for my mother in law!  Yikes! I'll never forget it! We ate on a borrowed card table and used blue splatter ware tin pie plates for our table service! I made enough food to feed an army, and amazingly, everything turned out pretty well.  Timing was the tricky part - having everything ready and hot at the same time was a struggle with my tiny apartment sized stove! I am amazed at God's goodness in allowing that dinner to go well, since I've had many more special meals to prepare over the years and it just gave me a sense of confidence  that I might not have had had everything been a flop.  Don't get me wrong - I've had many flops since, but we've all lived and learned to laugh about it!

One of my goals for Dreamer is to have the 'life skill' of making a special meal from scratch before she leaves our humble nest for college or marriage. I think she has the tidy up and cleaning part well in hand, but so far she loves to bake cookies and eat homemade food, but not make it!  We have some work to do there! I hope we'll have the time to reach that goal, but right now it seems like other life skills are more pressing - and getting ready for high school is taking up much of our time.

Speaking of time, the floor is dry, I'm on my second cup of tea and I need to get back to the list - there are just a few items left and I have a 1/2 hour of rest scheduled too, so I'd better be going!  

I'll finish with my 'short list' of things 
I am very very thankful for -

  • Always #1 - my salvation in Jesus Christ, without Him, I would be lost and miserable
  • My family - my husband and children, my Dad and Mum, my sister and her family
  • Dear friendships - God has been so good, not in providing an abundance of friends, but in providing friendships that enrich us in so many ways
  • Our home - a place of harmony, joy, laughter, learning, music, quiet and rest
  • Our needs are met - more then met really, and we have enough to share with others
  • Good books - for learning, laughing and escaping into another pleasant place for just a while
  • Trials - we've had so many and yet with each God has taught us to trust Him and shown us His goodness and faithfulness. Our latest trials are hard to be sure, but there is so much joy in knowing He is at work in our lives.
 I do hope that you enjoy a pleasant and loving Thanksgiving with those you love!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Your family sounds very close, and I like the things you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, number 38 :)

  2. This is our first year we won't have kids at home for Thanksgiving but we've been invited to spend it with friends. That will make it fun. :)

    E-mail me at the blog's e-mail address sometime. I really want to "chat".

  3. Happy Thanksgiving !!
    I trust that you have had a wonderful day and time with your company. Knowing you Heather, everything was delicious!

  4. Great job Heather. Glad that Dreamer insisted you blog while she cleaned up. You are getting there honey. Sure wish we were able to be with you, but thankful you have had a good day as family. And the pecan pie (small piece) would have been wonderful.
    Love you all and hope you are feeling OK tomorrow even if it is black Friday.
    Love Ya !

  5. I love your idea of celebrating both traditions Heather. I'm sure your home was filled with wonderful aromas and love on Thanksgiving day!


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